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Captains and Lore-masters have the ability to summon pets: NPCs that assist them and can usually be controlled in detail.

A Lore-master can summon an animal companion, or pet, to their side. These animals have special abilities and are able to assist the Lore-master in combat. Lore-masters can also summon non-combat pets which cannot attack nor take commands, but solely serve a cosmetic purpose.

A Captain can summon a herald, also known as a pet, to aid them in combat as well as buff anyone in their fellowship within range.

Pet Overview

Pet Minimum Level Acquisition
Lore-master Combat Pets
Bear Level 1 Skill Friend of Bears
Raven Level 15 Skill Raven-lore
Eagle Level 17 Skill Eagle-friend (Needs Trait)
Bog-guardian Level 20 Skill Friend of Nature
Lynx Level 30 Skill Lynx-speech
Spirit of Nature Level 40 Skill Commune with Nature
Sabertooth Cat Level 56 Skill Friend of Feline Hunters
Lore-master Non-combat Pets
Cat Level 29 World Drop Level 45+
Dog Level 29 World Drop Level 45+
Fox Level 29 World Drop Level 45+
Frog Level 29 World Drop Level 45+
Hare Level 29 Quest: A Friend of the Wild
Snake Level 29 World Drop Level 45+
Sparrow Level 29 Kindred Standing Elves of Rivendell
Squirrel Level 29 World Drop Level 45+
Turtle Level 29 Ally Standing The Mathom Society
Captain Heralds
Commoner Level 10 Default
Defender Level 20 Friend Standing Thorin's Hall
Footsoldier Level 20 Friend Standing Thorin's Hall
Lossoth Level 20 Standing Lossoth of Forochel
Maid-at-arms Level 20 Trainer Vendor
Man-at-arms Level 20 Trainer Vendor
Pilgrim Level 20 Trainer Vendor
Squire Level 20 Trainer Vendor
Shield-maiden Level 20 Trainer Vendor
Swordswoman Level 20 Trainer Vendor
Warden Level 20 Trainer Vendor
Archer Level 56 Skill Call to Arms: Archer
Oathbreaker Level 60 Level 60 Legendary Trait

Pet Controls

Lore-masters and Captains can control their combat pets through control bars. These have the same setup for all pets and work as follows:

Pet Skill Bar.jpg
Commands (first three buttons):

Attack: Attack the currently selected target.
Follow: Move to Lore-master and then act according to his mode.
Stay: Stay at current position and act according to his mode.

Modes (next four buttons):

Aggressive: Will enter combat when valid targets are detected.
Passive: Will not enter combat unless commanded to.
Guard: Will enter combat if attacked or someone attacks Lore-master.
Assist: Will attack the Lore-master's target.
The modes Aggressive, Passive and Guard are mutually exclusive. A thoughtful Lore-master will set their pet to passive and control all actions with commands or skills while in a fellowship or raid..

Special command (next button):

Return to Master (Lore-master pets): Transport directly to the Lore-master's side. Can only be used if out of combat.
Rally! (Captain pets): Transport directly to the Captain's side. Can only be used if out of combat.

Pet specific skills (last three buttons):

View these skills by visiting the specific pet's link.

Additional pet commands are available by typing /pet in the chat box or right-clicking the pet's portrait:

Rename: Opens a box in which you can enter your chosen pet's name. Names (as opposed to the default pet names) cannot have spaces.
Release: Dismisses your pet.

Lore-master Pet Control Bars

Raven Raven Skill Bar.jpg
Bear Bear Skill Bar.jpg
Lynx Lynx Skill Bar.jpg
Eagle Eagle Skill Bar.jpg
Sabertooth Cat Sabertooth Cat Skill Bar.jpg
Bog-guardian Bog-guardian Skill Bar.jpg
Spirit of Nature Spirit of Nature Skill Bar.jpg

Captain Pet Control Bars

Normal Herald Herald Skill Bar.jpg
Archer Herald Archer Herald Skill Bar.jpg