North Trollshaws

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Area.png North Trollshaws
Region: The Trollshaws
Dungeon(s): Laenan
Landmark(s): Barad Remmellad
Ost Belegram
The Stone-trolls' Glade
Trapdoor Lair
The Wovenvales
South Trollshaws
Nan Tornaeth
Levels: Mainly 36
Resource tier: Artisan
North Trollshaws.jpg

The North Trollshaws is an area within The Trollshaws, in the north-western part of the region.

This is a hilly and woody area that is home to two extremely dangerous creatures: the trapdoor-spider and the corrupted wood-trolls. The high number and strength of these creatures suggest that adventurers should bring a fellowship while travelling to these hills and ravines. There are a few gorges into this area, the western from South Trollshaws, just east of Ost Dúrgonn, and a few from Nan Tornaeth.

To the south-east, nestled deep within the hills and valleys, is The Stone-trolls' Glade located, and yet today the trolls that Gandalf tricked into stone statues stand erect where Bilbo Baggins and his friends left them behind. More to the north a lonely Elf keeps a worried eye over the aggravated wild-life.


These landmarks are located within North Trollshaws:

Public Dungeons


ElfF.png Thoroniel


See "starting quests" as well as each location for more quest



The following creatures are found within this area:


Map of Trollshaws

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