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Note: this is a work in progress


  • This page shows the dependencies between all quests within the Mines of Moria.
  • For quests which have "Moria" as their "quest group", see Category:Moria Quests.
  • For just a listing of quests which have a starting location geographically within Moria, see Category:Mines of Moria Quests.

The Great Delving

Durin's Threshold and Shemeldurj (51)

  1. [51] Welcome to Moria
  2. [51] An Ominous Tunnel
  3. [51] A Watchful Glance - Vector to Snaga-maudhûl

Snaga-maudhûl (51)

  1. [51] Ever Forward - Vector to Lamâb-dûm

Lamâb-dûm (51)

  1. [51] The Hive-Queen
  2. [51] To the Dolven-view - Vector to The Dolven-view

The Palace of Náin (51)

The Dolven-view (51)

  1. [51] Scouting Ahead - Vector to Gazatmur

Legendary Item Title Quests:

Gazatmur (51)

  1. [51] A Long Echo

Katûb-zahar (51)

The Silvertine Lodes

The Deep Descent & Gamil Filik (52)


  1. [52] Enemies of the Deep Descent
  2. [52] Dead-fall
  3. [52] Following the Winding Road - Vector to Menem-berej

After returning from The Old Silvertine City


  1. [52] Lost Dwarf
  2. [52] In Over His Head

The Forgotten Treasury


  1. [56] A Relic of Ages Past
  2. [56] Know Thine Enemy
  3. [56] Dark Defilers Fellowship

Hafberg (after Know Thine Enemy):

Garthar (after Know Thine Enemy):

Menem-berej (52)


  1. [52] Lighting the Pit
  2. [52] Sori's Exploration - Vector to Southern Tunnels


  1. [52] Bright Prospects, Dark Rails
  2. [52] They Mined Too Fast

Southern Tunnels (52)


  1. [52] Ore Samples III: The Tunnel
  2. [52] One Absent Miner
  3. [52] Following Öndótt - Vector to The Old Silvertine City

The Old Silvertine City (52)


  1. [52] Ore Samples IV: The Old Silvertine City
  2. [52] The Deep Descent Awaits - Port back to The Deep Descent

Durin's Way

The Chamber of the Crossroads

  1. [53] Unexpected Treasure - Examine Ornate Chest-piece on the ground just north of The Dwarf-lords' Gate
  2. [53] Heralds of Corruption





Likmund's Tasks


  1. [52] Likmund's Companions
  2. [53] Message to Zirakzigil -- Vector to The Door to the Clouds




The Door to the Clouds




Tharâkh Bazân


Little Revolution



  1. [54] Hope From the East
  2. [55] Badgers as Shepherds


  1. [53] Into the Fanged Pit -- Vector to The Fanged Pit

Joy in the Time of Sorrow


  1. [54] Crashing Down
  2. [55] Remembering the Old Songs

The Fanged Pit

The Water-works

The Local Wildlife


  1. [55] Studying the Local Wildlife
  2. [56] The Local Wildlife is Deadly

All Glory


  1. [55] Dark and Shallow Water
  2. [56] Toad-slime
  3. [56] Fighting Slime with Slime

Fighting the Fungus


  1. [55] Some Kind of Safety
  2. [55] Lying in Wait
  3. [55] Fighting the Fungus -- Vector to Hulwul-nefekh
  4. [56] Out of the Darkness

Glass Spiders


  1. [55] Clearly Problematic
  2. [56] Spider-leg Prisms



  1. [56] Darkened by Mildew

Churning Wheel


  1. [55] Churning Froth
  2. [56] Rusted Works
  3. [56] Fungus and Acid

Entering the Vile Maw


  1. [56] Gumming Up the Works
  2. [56] A Second Go of It
  3. [56] A New Gear
  4. [56] Two Problems, One Tool
  5. [56] Off to the Channel -- Vector to Harâzgund
  6. [56] Readings from the Basin
  7. [56] Reporting the Findings
  8. [60] A Final Foray -- Raid


The Twenty-first Hall




Mögr's and Dómárr's Quests

These are the prerequisites to unlock the deed Discovering Adventures in Zelem-melek. The chain starts from Mögr in The Twenty-first Hall.

At this point you encounter Dómárr and can begin to use the Goat to the Great Hall of Durin from The Twenty-first Hall.

At this point you are granted the Discovering Adventures in Zelem-melek deed.

Discovering Adventures in Zelem-melek

As you find each location mentioned in the deed, you are granted a set of remote quests. One of them, often a slayer quest, is the one that satisfies the requirements of the deed.

Once you help the quest-giver you can use the Goat to the Hall of Flowing Water in The Twenty-first Hall.

Instance quests

War Against Lothórien

This chain starts from Narfi in The Twenty-first Hall, and covers Fil Gashan, Forges of Khazad-dûm and The Grand Stair.

Nightmares of the Deep

This chain starts from Veúlfur in The Twenty-first Hall, and covers Dark Delvings, Sixteenth Hall and Skûmfil.


A random set of the following quests are available to pick up each day. Once picked up, the quests can be progressed and completed at any time, even if a certain quest is not offered on the same day. These quests takes place in the six level 60 instances from the Moria-cluster. Eilíefr gives quests to defeat and loot bosses, while Geirr's quests requires you to defeat a certain number of mobs in the instance.



Crafting Instance Quests

Both of these instances can be found at [7.2S, 104.7W]



The Redhorn Lodes

Redhorn Lodes (56)

The Orc-watch (56)

  1. [56] Clearing the Road
  2. [56] Getting Out of Hand
  3. [56] Anarchy Reigns

Knakk's Camp (56)

  1. [56] Corrupted Arachnids - Prerequisite: Search for the Missing
  2. [56] Growing Corruption
  3. [56] Cultivator of Corruption
  4. [56] Worth Dying For
  5. [56] Next of Kin - Vector to Auti's camp (completion grants access to Goat to Auti's Camp at the Orc-watch)

Auti's Camp (56)

  1. [56] Grodbog Infestation
  2. [56] Hidden Quarters
  3. [56] Incubated by the Flaming Deeps - Vector to the Flaming Deeps

The Flaming Deeps

The Flaming Deeps (57)

  1. [57] Sole Survivors - Vector to Hadâd-mezer
  2. [57] Bearer of Bad News - Vector to Anazârmekhem
  3. [57] Deepest Depths - Vector to Ânghumu-ru
  4. [57] A Faint Glimmer of Hope - Vector to Hurmulkezer (completion grants access to Goat to Durin's Court at Anazârmekhem)
  5. [57] Lighting the Way
  6. [57] Gathering at the Gate - Vector to The Crossroads of Ash camp (completion grants access to Goat to Crossroads of Ash at Anazârmekhem)
  7. [57] Dissent in the Ranks
  8. [57] Impure Knowledge
  9. [57] Cease to Resist
  10. [57] Leaving the Deeps - Vector to Nud-melek (completion grants access to Goat to Nud-melek at The Crossroads of Ash camp)

Hadâd-mezer (57)

Anazârmekhem (57)

  1. [57] Riddles in the Flames
  2. [57] Riddles in the Walls - at Bhraf-ru

Ânghumu-ru (57)

Hurmulkezer (57)

The Crossroads of Ash camp (57)


Balin's Camp


  1. Balin's Pride [55]
  2. Gredbyg in the Camp [55]

Shadow Map

Examine map on ground in Balin's Camp:

  1. Instructions in the Map [55]
  2. A Sickly Glow [56]
  3. An Eerie Brilliance [57]
  4. Flame and Shadow [57] Small Fellowship
  5. The Secret of the Council [58] Small Fellowship

Stonecarver's Stash

Examine parchment on ground in Balin's Camp:

  1. Puzzle of the Carvings [55]


Examine axe on ground in Balin's Camp:

  1. Hidden Quarters [56]

Out of the Mines


  1. Leaving the Mines [57]
  2. Locating the Advance Guard [58]
  3. Warn the Dale [59]
  4. Halting the Advance [59] Small Fellowship
  5. Hobble the Leadership [60] Small Fellowship
  6. Death to the Invaders [60] Small Fellowship

The Foundations of Stone

Nightmares of the Deeps