Moria Lower Deeps Deeds

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When you finish a deed in Moria it will give you 900 reputation. Depending on the type of deed it will give you either reputation with Iron Garrison Miners (mostly slayer and progression deeds) or Iron Garrison Guards (mostly explorer and pick-up deeds).
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Exploration Deeds

The Flaming Deeps
Find Anazârmekhem
Find The Burning Stair
Find The Crossroads of Ash
Find Gate of the Seven Fathers
Find Hadâd-mezer
Find Hurmulkezer
Find Hudnul-meden
Reward - Tolerance +1
Reward - 10 Turbine Points

The Foundations of Stone
Find the Shadowed Refuge
Find the Endless Stair
Find the Bridge-shard
Find Zabad-fakâk
Find Dalgum-ru
Reward - Valour +1
Reward - 10 Turbine Points

The Water-works
Find The Rotting Cellar
Find The Great Wheel
Find Durin's Beard
Find The Lost Palace
Find The Chamber of the Pool
Find The Chamber of Dark Waters
Find The Lost Treasury
Find Narag-kheleb
Find Harâzgund
Find The Chamber of Memory
Reward - Tolerance +2
Reward - 10 Turbine Points

Quest Deeds

Quests of the Flaming Deeps
Complete 15 Quests in the Flaming Deeps
Reward - Empathy +1
Reward - 5 Turbine Points

Quests of the Foundations of Stone
Complete 10 Quests in the Foundations of Stone
Reward - Compassion +1
Reward - 5 Turbine Points

Quests of the Water-works
Complete 15 Quests in the Water-works
Reward - Innocence +1
Reward - 5 Turbine Points

Note: The following three deeds have been removed from the game. They still exist for characters who previously completed them, but they will no longer be bestowed.

Deep Delver
Complete quests in the Moria Deeps (20)
Reward - Compassion +1
Reward - 10 Turbine Points

Warrior of the Shadows
Complete quests in the Moria Deeps (40)
Reward - Innocence +1
Reward - 10 Turbine Points

Legend of the Deeps
Complete quests in the Deeps of Moria (60)
Reward - Charity +2
Reward - 15 Turbine Points

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