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Damage Mitigation is a rating-based statistic that governs how much damage your character takes from different damage types.
There are 2 different types of mitigation: Physical Mitigation, Tactical Mitigation. To determine the relationship between the rating value and the mitigation % see Rating to percentage formula.

Sources of Mitigation

Physical Mitigation can be attained chiefly through increasing a character's Armour rating, but also through sources such as Might and Vitality.
Tactical Mitigation is determined by your Armour Value and by stacking Will and Fate.
Both Tactical and Physical mitigation bonuses can be found on various equipment, essences, consumables, virtues, and relics throughout the game.


The cap on how much damage can be reduced by mitigation depends on the type of armour you are able to wear.

  • If you can wear Light Armour only, mitigation caps at 40%, which is 13125 rating at level 105.
  • If you can wear Medium Armour or lower, mitigation caps at 50%, which is 15321 rating at level 105.
  • If you can wear Heavy Armour or lower, mitigation caps at 60%, which is 17491 rating at level 105.
  • Note the caps in T2 instances are hidden:
  • Light: 20,213 rating at lvl. 105
  • Med.: 22,408 rating at lvl. 105
  • Heavy: 24,579 rating at lvl. 105