Minas Eriol

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Area.png Minas Eriol
Region: The Lone-lands
Landmark(s): Barad Iachiant
Ost Laden
Levels: Mainly 23 - 24
Resource tier: Journeyman
Minas Eriol.jpg

Minas Eriol is a large ruin within the south-western Lone-lands.

This area is enclosed within southern Annunlos and was once a majestic city of Cardolan. Its name is Sindarin for "Western Tower" and it stood erect watching the northern valley under the Weather Hills, but now it is inhabited by goblins, wargs, wolves, and vicious spiders.

Despite it's large size, the ruins only have a few entrances - south of the Forsaken Inn, west of the Eglain Camp and through Ost Laden via bridges, or through the spider ditches and up into the keep.

There are several distinctly inhabited sections within the ruins:

  • There is the keep, in the southern-most section, where goblins have set up camp.
  • A north-western section of terraced hillside fortifications where wargs and wolves are prevalent.
  • There is a lower section of ditches, beneath the city's bridges, where spiders have taken over.
  • The south-eastern corner, hidden from the sun by fumes, holds an elite goblin-fort.

Barad Iachiant connects the goblin infested keep and the warg fortifications together. Other bridges connect Minas Eriol with Ost Laden and an elite goblin-fort.



These landmarks are located within Minas Eriol:


HumanF.png Leofwenna [35.3S, 38.4W]


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The following creatures are found within this area:


Map of The Lone-lands Terrain map of Minas Eriol


Prior to the heroes* entering the Lone-lands, it was invaded by orcs, goblins, wargs and half-orcs in service to Saruman. Minas Eriol was once the sister city of Ost Guruth, inhabited by the Eglain; it was also known that deadly spiders inhabited the valley below the ruins, although this didn't seem to be a problem to the Eglain. It is guessed that Saruman's forces crossed the Lornspan, hugging the ridges that surrounded Minas Eriol, before coming upon the Eglain inhabitants unawares.
By the time the heroes reach the Lone-lands, Minas Eriol and most of the Lone-lands had fallen to the White Hand. It is likely that Minas Eriol had fallen days before the heroes arrived as the corpses in the valley below are still fresh and there is still a female Eglain fighting in the city. -- (* players)

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