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Meta-deeds are deeds containing clusters of deeds. To finish a meta-deed, you need to finish these clusters first. Completing meta-deeds takes a lot of effort. Final rewards include a good looking horse or goat.

Meta-deeds were introduced in the spring of 2010.

Meta-deeds are activated upon completion of several other deeds, Meta-deeds are hidden until some or all of the pre-requisite deeds are complete.

  • This category holds regional meta deeds
  • Instances are categorized into sub-categories. These sub-categories match the LOTRO deed log Instance tab bookmarks. So they are grouped more by LOTRO expansions then by region.

Short List of Meta-deeds

Deeds (Categories)
Class: BeorningBurglarCaptainChampionGuardianHunterLore-masterMinstrelRune-keeperWarden

Race: BeorningDwarfElfHobbitRace of Man

Social: FishingSocialEventEpicReputation

Eriador: Bree-landShireEred LuinLone-landsNorth DownsTrollshawsMisty MountainsEvendimAngmarForochelEregionEnedwaithDunland

Rhovanion: LothlórienMoriaMirkwoodGreat RiverEastern RohanWildermoreWestern Rohan   

Gondor: Western GondorCentral GondorEastern GondorOld AnórienFar AnórienMarch of the KingThe Wastes

The War: EttenmoorsOsgiliath    Skirmish: Skirmish InstancesSkirmish Lieutenants

Instances: Meta DeedsShadows of AngmarMines of MoriaScourge of Khazad-dûmTower of Dol GuldurIn Their AbsenceRise of IsengardThe Road to EreborAshes of Osgiliath

Mordor: The Plateau of Gorgoroth Udûn Deeds Dor Amarth Deeds Lhingris Deeds Agarnaith Deeds Talath Úrui Deeds


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