Men of the Sutcrofts

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The Men of the Sutcrofts is a reputation faction with the Rohirrim of the Sutcrofts in East Rohan.

Location and Dramatis personæ

Harwick Quartermaster Shop

Barterers can be found

Gaining Reputation

Introductory Quest



No mob kills grant reputation with this faction.


No tasks grant reputation with this faction.

Reputation Items

No items grant reputation with this faction.

General Quests

Most quests in all areas of the Sutcrofts grant faction reputation including Hytbold Quests.
  • Once all of the basic quests have been completed, "Daily" quests associated with Hytbold continue to grant faction reputation.
Quests which grant reputation with this faction (Click [+] to expand the list):


No deeds grant reputation with this faction.


Rinwald in Hytbold will exchange Token of Hytbold-icon.png 5 Tokens of Hytbold for 1200 reputation points.

Reputation Levels


Title: Known to the Sutcrofts (Title)


Title: Friend to the Sutcrofts (Title)
  • Passive Skill:

Travel Discount-icon.png Men of the Sutcrofts - Travel Discount 25%


Title: Ally of the Sutcrofts
Required for Swift-travel between Snowbourn and Hytbold.
Required for Swift-travel between Garsfeld and Hytbold.
Required for Swift-travel between Walstow and Hytbold.


Title: Kin of the Sutcrofts
Required to unlock last group of Sutcrofts quests in Hytbold.

Other Titles: (non reputation)

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