Men of Lebennin

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Men of Lebennin is a general reputation faction in the Lebennin in Central Gondor.

Location and Dramatis personæ

The Quartermaster (Men of Lebennin) is a Barterer that can be found in the following cities in Central Gondor:

Gaining Reputation

There are only a few ways to gain reputation points with this faction


Reputation points can be acquired by completing Quests in Central Gondor.

Repeatable Quests

Nimithil and Milonnen offer repeatable quests to build reputation (requires Sons of the Usurper):
If you have Acquaintance standing:

If you have Friend standing:

If you have Ally standing:

Warbands repeatable quests give reputation as well:

Reputation Items

Creatures often drop reputation items (right-click for rep):


There are no Tasks Bulletin Board that give this reputation



There are no deeds in Central Gondor that give reputation points for this faction



Barterer Quartermaster (Men of Lebennin) accepts reputation items dropped from creatures for trade


Known to Lebennin


Friend to Lebennin


Ally to Lebennin


Kindred to Lebennin
  • Passive - required for certain faction barterers.

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