Men of Bree

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Men of Bree is a reputation faction located in Bree.

Location and Officials

About Bree-town Hunting Lodge which is located in an alley in the south of Bree, west of the Auction Hall along the Haunted Alley. [31.8S, 51.4W]



Gaining Reputation

Introduction Quests

Talk to Tad Leafcutter

General Quests

For a list of all quests by name and by location, see Men of Bree Reputation Quests.

Reputation Barter Items

Right-click the items in your inventory.

Item Points
Barrow-treasure-icon.png Barrow-treasure 30  
Cardolan-trinket-icon.png Cardolan-trinket 700  

Daily Skirmishes


Deeds in the Barrow-downs (see also Bree-land Slayer Deeds).


Profession: Woodworker
NPC: Maggie Smallwood

Right-click the items in your inventory.

Item Usable at Crafting Tier Points
Wood Figurine-icon.png Wood Figurine Neutral Woodworker Artisan 60  
Viol-icon.png Viol Neutral Woodworker Master 100  
Bree-spear-icon.png Bree-spear Neutral Woodworker Master 700  




  • Passive Skill: Men of Bree - Travel Discount - 10% discount from Bree stable-masters
  • Access to and ability to use the following recipes and items:



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