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The Mathom Society is a reputation faction located in the Mathom-house in the Shire.

The Hobbits of the Shire enjoy many fine leisure activities when they are not so busy eating or growing food. One such activity is the collection of mathoms, items that hobbits have no particular use for but hold onto anyway. The Mathom Society are a group of hobbits dedicated to the collection of such items, and they scour the countryside in search of new items to add to their collection, when they aren't busy planning a mathom society dinner that is!

Location and NPCs

The Mathom-house in Michel Delving in the Shire. [33.4S, 75.6W]


Name Function
HobbitM.png Baldwin Foxtail Reputation Barterer
HobbitM.png Keeper Brombard Foxtail Quests
Hobbit.png Townsperson


Name Function
HobbitM.png Bungo Puddifoot Reputation Vendor & Supplier
HobbitM.png Maneser Goodbody Reputation Vendor
HobbitF.png Rue Goodbody Expert Scholar
Hobbit.png Townsperson

Gaining Reputation

The Mathom-house


Reputation Items

Item Drops from Points
Gift Mathom-icon.png Gift Mathom The Shire Quest rewards 700  
Mathom-icon.png Mathom Humanoids 35+ and Mobs in Barrow-downs and Goblin-town 30  
Well-kept Mathom-icon.png Well-kept Mathom Humanoids 35+ and Mobs in Barrow-downs and Goblin-town 700  

Daily Skirmishes

Crafting & Barter Items

Barter items

Item Crafting Tier Points
Seasoned Beef with Cauliflower-icon.png Seasoned Beef with Cauliflower Expert 60  
Strawberry Dessert-wine-icon.png Strawberry Dessert-wine Artisan 100  
Honey-roasted Chicken-icon.png Honey-roasted Chicken Artisan 700  



From Maneser Goodbody

Item Standing Level Cost
Prized Mailbag-icon.png Prized Mailbag Acquaintance 2 Silver 20 Copper 
Award of Hobbit Virtue-icon.png Award of Hobbit Virtue Friend 35 60 Silver 
Dagger 18 (uncommon)-icon.png Butter Knife Friend 1 Silver 68 Copper 
Artisan Cook Recipe-icon.png Hobbit Keg Decoration Recipe Friend 16 Silver 52 Copper 
Artisan Cook Recipe-icon.png Large Feasting Table Decoration Recipe Friend 16 Silver 52 Copper 
Pitchfork-icon.png Pitchfork Friend 1 Silver 68 Copper 
Shovel-icon.png Shovel Friend 1 Silver 68 Copper 
Expert Cook Recipe-icon.png Small Feasting Table Decoration Recipe Friend 11 Silver 
Specimen Jar Fireflies-icon.png Specimen Jar: Fireflies Friend 2 Silver 20 Copper 
Heavy Cast Iron Frying Pan-icon.png Heavy Cast Iron Frying Pan Ally 1 Silver 68 Copper 
Mathom Long-sleeved Dress-icon.png Mathom Long-sleeved Dress Ally 8 Silver 12 Copper 
Paper Sheet 1 (rare)-icon.png Tome of the Turtle Ally 112 Silver 
Tunic and Pants 1-icon.png Mathom Long-sleeved Tunic and Pants Kindred 8 Silver 12 Copper 
Prized Mathom Society Steed-icon.png Prized Mathom Society Steed Kindred Gold 823 Silver 60 Copper 

From Bungo Puddifoot

Item Standing Level Cost
Music Box 1-icon.png 'Tom Bombadil' Theme Ally 56 Silver 
Large Tent-icon.png Large Tent Ally 60 Silver 
Mushroom-growing Tent-icon.png Mushroom-growing Tent Ally 48 Silver 

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