Master of Nature's Fury

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Master of Nature's Fury (Red line) is a Lore-master Trait Tree. The other two trait trees of this class are Keeper of Animals and The Ancient Master.

Master of Nature's Fury
Uses the strength of nature to damage foes.
A build focused on dealing significant burst damage from a distance. Skills interact to maximize damage to one or multiple targets.
+20% Fire-type Damage
+20% Chance for Lightning Strike to strike twice.

Your feline companions have increased attack damage and slightly increased Morale and Power.


These skills are acquired by spending trait points in the Master of Nature's Fury (red) trait tree.

Active Skills Category Cooldown Range Source
Lightning-storm-icon.png Lightning-storm AoE 1m30s 25m Trait: Lightning-storm (Trait)-icon.png Lightning-storm
Improved Sticky Gourd-icon.png Hasten Sticky Gourd Cooldown 5s Self Trait: Buying Time-icon.png Buying Time
Ring of Fire-icon.png Ring of Fire AoE 30s 25m Trait: Ring of Fire (Trait)-icon.png Ring of Fire
Ents go to War-icon.png Ents go to War AoE 5m 15m Trait: Ents go to War-icon.png Ents go to War
Ents go to War-icon.png Hasten Ents Go to War Cooldown 5s Self Trait: Ents go to War-icon.png Ents go to War
Nature's Fury-icon.png Nature's Fury AoE 1m30s 25m Trait: Nature's Fury (Trait)-icon.png Nature's Fury

Set Bonuses

Set Bonus Description Source
Improved Ignition-icon.png Improved Ignition +15% cashout damage from Lightning-Strike and Lightning-storm Set: 5+ total ranks
Master of the Elements-icon.png Master of the Elements +10% Fire-type Damage. +10% Light-Type Damage. +10%Lightning-type Damage. +10% Frost-type Damage Set: 10+ total ranks
Exposure to the Elements-icon.png Exposure to the Elements +20% Elemental Critical Damage Set: 15+ total ranks
Liquid Fire-icon.png Liquid Fire Sticky Gourd becomes Improved Sticky Gourd, and applies Burning Embers to targets stuck in its area of effect every 4 seconds. Set: 20+ total ranks
Buying Time-icon.png Buying Time When your pet flanks, you have the choice to reduce the cooldown on one of your more potent skills. Earns the Hasten Sticky Gourd skill Set: 25+ total ranks
Ents go to War-icon.png Ents go to War Grants you Ents go to War skill and Hasten Ents Go to War Set: 30+ total ranks
Flame of Anor-icon.png Flame of Anor Sign of Battle: Wizard's Fire now affects up to 2 additional targets. +35% chance to trigger a lightning strike during Nature's Fury. Set: 35+ total ranks


Trait Description Source
Rapid Fire (Lore-master Trait)-icon.png Rapid Fire Reduces Induction Duration Trait: 0+ ranks
Master of Fire (Trait)-icon.png Master of Fire Increases Fire skill damage. Trait: 0+ ranks
Tactical Mastery (Lore-master Trait)-icon.png Tactical Damage Deal more damage with Tactical skills. Trait: 0+ ranks
Burning Earth-icon.png Burning Earth The Cracked Earth skill burns hotter, dealing additional damage. Trait: 5+ ranks
Storm-lore-icon.png Knowledge of Storms Deal more damage with Lightning attacks. Trait: 5+ ranks
Ancient Fire-icon.png Ancient Fire Gives Sign of Battle: Wizard's Fire a chance to upgrade 2 Burning Embers DoT effects at once. Trait: 10+ ranks
Sword and Storm-icon.png Sword and Storm Staff-strike deals bonus Lightning damage and stuns the foe. Trait: 10+ ranks
Lightning-storm (Trait)-icon.png Lightning-storm Earns the skill: Lightning-storm. Trait: 10+ ranks
Slow Burn-icon.png Slow Burn Burning Embers lasts much longer. Trait: 15+ ranks
Empowering Fires-icon.png Empowering Fires Increases Morale and Power healed when using Sign of Battle: Wizard's Fire on a flanked target. Trait: 15+ ranks
Fend Them Off-icon.png Fend Them Off Sword and Storm temporarily boosts your Parry Chance, Evade Chance, and Fire Skill Damage. Trait: 15+ ranks
Dry Kindling-icon.png Dry Kindling Burning Embers has a chance to burn hotter and last longer. Trait: 20+ ranks
Fierce Lightning-icon.png Fierce Lightning Lightning-storm may set the ground beneath the enemy afire, dealing additional damage. Trait: 20+ ranks
Mighty Wind-icon.png Mighty Wind Gust of Wind has a chance to spread the flames of Burning Embers from foe to foe. Trait: 25+ ranks
Ring of Fire (Trait)-icon.png Ring of Fire Earns the skill: Ring of Fire. At max rank, Ring of Fire's radius is doubled. Trait: 25+ ranks
Nature's Fury (Trait)-icon.png Nature's Fury Earns the skill: Nature's Fury Trait: 30+ ranks
Fire Shield (Trait)-icon.png Fire Shield Your Fire skills have a 25% chance to raise a protective shield around you, boosting your defences and reflecting Fire Damage at attackers. Trait: 30+ ranks