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Mailboxes are commonly found in all major cities and towns and are used to exchange news, items and money between different players. You may have up to 100 items in your mailbox. It is not possible to send mail to yourself, although mail can be sent between alternate characters on the same account.

  • Mail can NOT be sent between characters on different servers, even if the characters belong to the same account.

Sending Mail

By using a mailbox and clicking the Compose Mail button, one can compose a letter and send it to another character for the fee of 50 copper. For an additional fee, it is also possible to attach an item (by dragging it from inventory onto the mail window) or any amount of money (by typing the desired amount into the boxes provided at the bottom of the mail window). This mail will arrive instantly and the receiving player can read it and/or claim any sent items by visiting any mailbox in the game. Only one type of item may be sent with each mail; however, any quantity up to a stack may be attached. For example, a stack of 20 Refined Fire-oil would be considered a single item in the mail, whereas two stacks of 20 Refined Fire-oil would have to be sent separately.

Postage is calculated depending on the rarity of the item. Common items are 10% of the item's value, uncommon and rare 20%, incomparable and legendary are 30%.

It is also possible to send an item via COD (cash on delivery) by clicking the checkbox in the mail window and entering a desired payment amount. When the recipient opens the mail, they will see a popup box explaining that the item was sent via COD, and must choose either to pay the requested amount or return the mail to the sender. It should be noted that this is not free for the sender; a nominal fee will always be charged when sending mail.

Receiving Mail

Any mail sent to your character by another will appear instantly in your mailbox once it is sent. When you have unopened mail waiting for you in your mailbox, an icon will appear in the lower right corner of the screen informing you. Money made at auction and unsold items arrive in the same way.

Mail that is text only can be deleted from the inbox screen without ever being read. However, mail that contains money or items cannot be deleted until the money or items have been detached from that mail. Items that are sent COD may not be opened and collected if the recipient does not have enough cash on hand to pay the fee.

Uncollected mail

Items in mail that aren't collected within 2 weeks (if unopened) or 2 days (if opened) are returned to the sender.

Mail that has been returned to the sender is then subject to an additional two-week timer. If the returned mail remains unopened for 2 weeks, at the end of the 14th day it will simply disappear from the inbox, along with any attached items. Similarly, if a "returned to sender" mail is opened, the opened mail is subject to the two-day timer. At the end of the second day, the mail will disappear; if an item attached to the email was not removed to inventory when the mail was opened 2 days prior, that item will disappear.

Spam Mail

There is a button that can be used to report the senders of unsolicited mail messages as spammers.

Mailbox Locations


Region Settlement Coords Notes
Angmar Aughaire [0.1S, 39.8W]
Gabilshathûr [3.6S, 26.6W]
Gath Forthnír [10.9N, 24.0W]
Bree-land Bree [31.9S, 50.4W] South Gate
[29.5S, 52.8W] West Gate
[32.0S, 50.6W] inside Bree-town Auction Hall
[29.7S, 51.3W] outside The Prancing Pony
[30.5S, 51.0W] inside Three-farrow Crafting Hall
Buckland [32.6S, 62.4W]
Combe [28.5S, 49.4W]
Staddle [31.0S, 49.4W]
Dunland Avardin [83.7S, 20.7W]
Barnavon [84.8S, 16.4W]
Echad Naeglanc [77.3S, 15.9W]
Galtrev [80.0S, 16.6W] also several within Galtrev
Lhan Rhos [87.1S, 23.2W]
Lhan Tarren [75.3S, 22.7W]
Rohirrim Scout-camp [81.0S, 10.6W]
Enedwaith Echad Daervunn [66.6S, 21.5W]
Echad Dagoras [58.5S, 14.6W]
Lhanuch [66.5S, 17.3W]
Maur Tulhau [62.3S, 23.0W]
Harndirion [69.4S, 13.8W]
Ered Luin Celondim [28.3S, 92.1W]
Duillond [24.3S, 93.2W]
Gondamon [20.2S, 97.0W]
Thorin's Hall [13.8S, 103.3W] outside front doors
Thorin's Hall Inside The Great Hall near the vendors
Inside The Great Hall by the auctioneers
Inside The Great Hall west of main entrance
Inside outside crafting building
Eregion Echad Dúnann [50.6S, 7.9W]
Echad Eregion [46.9S, 12.5W]
Echad Mirobel [52.4S, 16.7W]
Gwingris [40.1S, 16.1W]
Ettenmoors Glân Vraig None
Evendim Oatbarton [23.1S, 67.2W]
Ost Forod [7.3S, 64.3W]
Tinnudir [12.5S, 67.4W]
Forochel Kauppa-kohta [2.7N, 58.0W]
Pynti-peldot [11.4N, 69.7W]
Sûri-kylä [19.5N, 72.0W]
Zigilgund [ 9.4N,  81.1W]
Gap of Rohan Forthbrond [87.25S, 7.5W]
Grimbold's Camp [87.8S, 4.0W]

The Lone-lands Ost Guruth [31.4S, 29.7W]
The Forsaken Inn [34.1S, 40.7W]
The Misty Mountains Glóin's Camp [24.8S, 4.0W]
Hrimbarg [24.50S, 7.1E]
Ox-clan Merchant Camp [80.0S, 0.2E]
The North Downs Esteldín Forecourt [9.5S, 42.1W]
Craft-hall of Esteldín [9.7S, 40.5W] inside
Othrikar [7.1S, 45.1W]
Trestlebridge [18.0S, 53.8W]
The Shire Brockenborings [27.2S, 67.8W]
Budgeford [31.2S, 65.3W]
Bywater [31.8S, 69.5W]
Frogmorton [31.7S, 68.0W]
Hobbiton [31.3S, 71.3W]
Michel Delving [33.5S, 75.0W] near the Town Hole
[34.2S, 74.8W] inside Shire Auction Hall
Overhill [28.1S, 70.1W]
Scary [27.7S, 66.3W]
Stock [31.9S, 63.6W]
Tuckborough [33.0S, 71.0W]
Waymeet [32.8S, 73.0W]
The Trollshaws Rivendell Valley [29.0S, 3.1W] by the Auctioneers
[29.9S, 4.6W] The Spire of Meeting
[29.0S, 5.6W] The Market of Rivendell
Thorenhad [31.6S, 15.1W]


Region Settlement Coords Notes
The Great River Aculf's Camp [29.1S, 55.2W] Rushgore
Etheburg [31.2S, 52.0W] Brown Lands
Haldirith [21.5S, 63.5W] Thinglad
The Cuthstan [27.7S, 65.9W] Wailing Hills
Parth Celebrant [26.6S, 58.2W]
Stangard [25.7S, 62.9W]
Lothlórien Caras Galadhon [16.7S, 67.4W] Outside gate
Inner Caras Galadhon [15.1S, 68.2W] Telain Galadhrim:
Inside Auction House, Vault,
Crafting Flet
Cirin-en-Galadh (Cerin Amroth) [11.8S, 67.8W]
Echad Andestel [14.3S, 73.1W]
Egladil [18.3S,  64.2W]
Mekhem-bizru [11.5S, 78.6W]
Mirkwood Echad Sirion [15.3S, 61.5W]
Estolad Mernael [16.8S, 54.8W]
Helethir None
Mithechad [17.6S, 48.2W]
Ost Galadh [14.3S, 51.2W]
Thangúlhad [12.9S, 46.3W]
The Haunted Inn [13.4S, 56.1W]
Moria Anazârmekhem [13.3S,  108.1W]
Deep Descent [9.8S, 112.7W]
Durin's Threshold None
Dolven-view [8.5S,  112.2W]
First Hall None
Chamber of the Crossroads [5.2S, 112.0W]
Jazârgund [3.8S, 105.9W]
Shadowed Refuge [13.1S,  101.2W]
The Tharâkh Bazân camp None
The Door to the Clouds None
The Fanged Pit camp None
The Orc-watch [11.2S, 106.8W]
The Rotting Cellar [15.0S, 112.2W]
Twenty-first Hall [5.7S, 105.3W]
Zirakzigil None