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Ninja Rights and Privileges

Ninjas can do what Users can do, plus additional things in boldface.

  • Read pages
  • Create pages
  • Create discussion/talk pages
  • Edit pages
  • Mark edits as minor
  • Edit the user interface
  • Move pages
  • Move pages with their subpages
  • Overwrite an existing file
  • Override files on the shared media repository locally
  • Purge the site cache for a page without confirmation
  • Upload files
  • Use of the write API
  • Mark others' edits as patrolled (patrol)
  • Rollback edits performed by the last user to the previous user on a page
  • Change protection levels and edit protected pages
  • Perform captcha triggering actions without going through the captcha

The next level of rights and privileges is Editor.

Ninja Users