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Welcome to the Mordor project page. The goal of this page is to create an overview of what needs doing on Mordor and to coordinate our efforts.

If you are working on a Mordor related subject, please add your job under "To Do" and sign with four tildes. If you are not working on Mordor, but you'd like to help out, feel free to add your name to any task (under any To Do) you seem fit. Please coordinate your work if there are others working on the same subject, for instance by using their talk page or poking them on Discord.

General Mordor

As with every expansion, Mordor does some things differently than before, calling upon our creativity to present everything on the wiki in a comprehensible manner. Magill summed up various general issues as follows:

  • Mordor content is only available to those who purchased the expansion. Players that did not buy Mordor can pass through the gate after completing Volume IV of the epic, but no quests will be available. Players have been known to enter Mordor without having done the epic via summon, port or Mysterious Door decoration.
  • The Epic does not continue in Mordor. After the Battle of the Black Gate, you go back to Ithilien and await some future update for the next chapter in the Epic. Will it be next weekend (9 February 2018) when Update 22 goes up on Bullroarer -- we will have to wait till Tyber posts the release notes.

Additional changes with Update 22

One can enter or leave Erebor from the Dale-lands, independent of Allegiance.
These have apparently been physically integrated (starting points, etc.) but the content of the instances has not been revised to integrate with the new story lines.)
  • No statement (that I have heard) has yet been made, but it appears the Update 22 will NOT require the purchase of the Mordor Expansion, but does provide similar high level (aka end-game) materials (gear), but not raids and instances.

To do

  • Done: Double check if players that have completed the epic can or cannot pass through the Black Gate into Mordor when not owning the expansion. Answer: regardless of whether the expansion is owned or not, as long as the epic is completed, anyone can enter Mordor through the Black Gate. Source: kinnie that farmed landscape mobs in Mordor for months without having bought the expansion. -- Ravanel
  • Check if the above information is present on the wiki on the right spots. -- Ravanel
  • Done: Change Gorgoroth into a redirect page that points to Plateau of Gorgoroth (see Lotro-Wiki.com talk:Mordor#Location_types). -- Magill
  • Rewrite articles that are purely bullet points into articles.
  • Investigate whether the use of "(Faction)" in the article name of Conquest of Gorgoroth (Faction), Category:Conquest of Gorgoroth (Faction) and related pages is justified. If not, rename the page and the many pages (deeds, quests etc) linking to it. Might be bot work.
  • Update the categorization of Mordor pages to be in line with how categorization is done on the rest of the wiki. E.g. images go in an image-specific category; information goes into articles, not directly into categories etc. -- Magill, Ravanel and Rogue4ever

World / locations

Anticipated that Update 23 will be another Region, but it might only be an Area. Anticipated to be The Morgul Vale, and the Shelob Raid, probably at the end of the 2nd quarter, nominally June.)

To do

Some of the information within the boxes overlaps. We should consider to merge some of these boxes to create a clearer overview. There might also be better wording possible for "Mordor - not the expansion" and "Mordor - the expansion".


To Do


To Do


To Do

Note that the scources are related to the Alliance dailies.
There is a set of things you need to accomplish to unlock the Allegiance dailies -- the Sourges unlock before that or not.
Technically, the Scourge quests are unlocked as part of the Allegiance Dailies: Allegiance_System#Accessing_Daily_Allegiance_Quests
Then they are available as: Quest:Weekly_Conquest:_Scourges
However, that is only in the context of the Allegiance system -- they roam the landscape as mobs, but you don't get any goodies for killing them, just "normal stuff."
The individual Landscape Scourge quests (auto bestowed) show up as: Category:Mordor: Scourges of Gorgoroth Quests
As I recall, they are all Arch-nemesis and with 1.5+ million morale. Several of them do have individual Creature pages, however, they are all blocked from the LM's Power of Knowledge.
  • Include relevant deeds, rewards and quests.
  • Link to Roving Threats and vise versa (because of similarities)


  • Items have a Light of Elendil bonus. This stat mitigates the Shadow of Mordor mechanic present on characters within the borders of Mordor (including in instances).
  • Some items found in Mordor can be destroyed by using a Flame of Ancalamír item to harvest Ash of Gorgoroth.
  • Gorgoroth Steel-bound lockboxes were introduced as a source of gear and ash; the latter can be bartered for best-in-slot gear.
  • Due to changes in the rating to percentage formulae, stat scaling by level was increased dramatically. As a result, level 115 gear is so powerful that level 105 gear is obsolete stat wise at level cap. Any gear obtained outside of Mordor is NOT comparable with Mordor level 106 and above gear. (There is no level 105 Mordor gear.)

To do

Note that "Item Level" is more significant now with Mordor gear than Player Level. See the comparison page above for an example of two item levels for players level 115.

Ash of Gorgoroth / Enchantment

New Ash of Enchantment pages have been created. With the content revised. - Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 13:41, 22 February 2018 (UTC)
  1. Item: Ash of Enchantment - the instruction jpg needs to be re-captured for the new name. And the quest name verified: Quest: The Ash of Enchantment and adjusted
  2. Ash of Enchantment - new page
The corresponding, Ash of Gorgoroth pages can be deleted when U22 goes live
** The template Verified needs to be modified. Template: Verified -- it automatically creates an entry in the "Category: Verified ..."

Deeds / titles

To do


To Do

Note that each Lost Lore quest references the Audio Journals. (I.e. they are the quest rewards.)
Audio Journals is transcluded into Category: Audio Journal - deleted
Also, that Lost Lore of Gorgoroth redirects to Audio Journals.


To do


To do

Profession recipes Checker Status
Forester Neum (talk) Done
Prospector Neum (talk) Done

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