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Middle-earth: Starter Area, Lands, Regions, Areas, Settlements, Landmarks, Maps
A map of Middle-earth.

Middle-earth is divided into different lands. Lands are further divided into regions; and regions into Areas.

Currently the accessible lands in Lord of the Rings Online are Eriador in the western part of the map of Middle-earth, Rhovanion in the northeast and Gondor in the south and east, to the gates of Mordor.
Other lands of Middle-earth are planned for upcomming expansions, including Mordor (in the summer of 2017).
  • Mordor is accessable East of the Anduin, but West of the Mountains of Shadow - North Ithilien, as of Update 19, September 2016.
  • South Ithilien became accessable in Update 17 in May of 2015.

Political Geography refers to all borders and regions.

For natural geography check out Physical Geography.
For man-made structures check out Humanoid Geography.
LOTRO-Wiki is organized by
Lands --> Regions --> Areas
These last two are frequently interchanged in usage by Turbine and SSG.

Lands of Middle-earth