Jeweller's Guild-hall

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Jeweller's Guild-hall
Region: The North Downs
Settlement: Esteldín
Location: [9.7S, 40.5W]
Jeweller's Guild-hall.jpg
The Jeweller's Guild-hall is found inside the Craft-hall of Esteldín in The North Downs. [9.7S, 40.5W]

This is the home for the Jeweller's Guild where it is possible for Jewellers to gain reputation and obtain exclusive recipes and items not possible to obtain by other means. The hall is found to the back of the craft-hall.


NPC Function
Dwarf.png Aldúlf Jeweller's Guild Leader
ElfF.png Mirchiril Jeweller's Guild Symbol Recipes
Dwarf.png Hógni Greenstone Jeweller's Guild Symbol Trader
HobbitM.png Porto Hornblower Jeweller's Guild Improved Recipes
HobbitM.png Arly Underhill Jeweller's Guild Legendary Recipes

NPCs are also found in these locations:



In order to gain reputation in your chosen guild, you must:

  1. Purchase guild recipes from Mirchiril, the Jeweller's Guild Symbol Recipes vendor
  2. Craft any or all of the recipes to make "symbols"
  3. Right-click on the symbols or give them to Aldúlf, the Jeweller's Guild Leader
  4. Rinse and repeat
Item Points Cooldown
Small Expert Symbol-icon.png Small Expert Symbol 300   18 hours
Medium Expert Symbol-icon.png Medium Expert Symbol 900   2 days 18 hours
Small Artisan Symbol-icon.png Small Artisan Symbol 400   18 hours
Medium Artisan Symbol-icon.png Medium Artisan Symbol 1,200   2 days 18 hours
Small Master Symbol-icon.png Small Master Symbol 500   18 hours
Medium Master Symbol-icon.png Medium Master Symbol 1,500   2 days 18 hours
Large Master Symbol-icon.png Large Master Symbol 3,000   6 days 18 hours
Small Supreme Symbol-icon.png Small Supreme Symbol 600   18 hours
Medium Supreme Symbol-icon.png Medium Supreme Symbol 1,800   2 days 18 hours
Large Supreme Symbol-icon.png Large Supreme Symbol 3,600   6 days 18 hours
Small Westfold Symbol-icon.png Small Westfold Symbol 700   18 hours
Medium Westfold Symbol-icon.png Medium Westfold Symbol 2,100   2 days 18 hours
Large Westfold Symbol-icon.png Large Westfold Symbol 4,200   6 days 18 hours
Small Eastemnet Symbol-icon.png Small Eastemnet Symbol 800   18 hours
Medium Eastemnet Symbol-icon.png Medium Eastemnet Symbol 2,400   2 days 18 hours
Large Eastemnet Symbol-icon.png Large Eastemnet Symbol 4,800   6 days 18 hours
Small Westemnet Symbol-icon.png Small Westemnet Symbol 900   18 hours
Medium Westemnet Symbol-icon.png Medium Westemnet Symbol 2,700   2 days 18 hours
Large Westemnet Symbol-icon.png Large Westemnet Symbol 5,400   6 days 18 hours


The Jeweller's Guild rewards its fellow members with improved recipes from Expert to Eastemnet tier; see the following vendors to claim them when you gain the required reputation level:

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