Item:Roper's Twist Field

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Pipeweed Farmland-icon.png
  Roper's Twist Field
  • Resource
  • "A small field of pipe-weed."

Craft Information

Profession: Farmer

Crafting Level: Expert (Tier 3)

Recipe: Roper's Twist Field Recipe

Standard Recipe Result: Roper's Twist Field

Critical Success Result: Well-tended Roper's Twist Field


Roper's Twist Fields require Pipeweed Farmland to produce

Note: There is no guarantee to producing any particular one of these items. You may receive one, or the other, or both. How many you receive is also undetermined.

Material Gathering

Roper's Twist Pipe-weed recipes can be purchased from a Novice Farmhand and an Expert Farmhand.

Roper's Twist Seeds must be obtained from Well-tended Roper's Twist Fields.