Item:Bounder's Token

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Bounder's Token-icon.png
  Bounder's Token
  • Bind to Account on Acquire
  • Barter Item
  • "A token showing that you have aided the Bounders. You can turn these in to the Bounder's Token Collector, located in center of Michel Delving. These can also be turned in to Rulum in Gramsfoot for Commendations."

Item Information

You can donate these in stacks of 50 to the Bounder's Token Collector Meg Proudfoot, located in center of Michel Delving. These can also be turned in to Rulum in Gramsfoot for Commendations. Acquiring your first Bounder's Token will automatically bestow the quest Bounder's Bounty.

You can also exchange them for various items from the Bounder’s Token Rewards Vendor or the Bounder’s Bounty Vendor.

Bounder's Tokens are found within Bags of Bounder's Tokens, Large Bags of Bounder's Tokens, and Huge Bags of Bounder's Tokens.

Related Details

  • The status of the Bounder's Bounty is described by mousing over the Statue under construction in Michel Delving. The tool-tip will provide a running total for your particular server towards the goal of 1,750,000 tokens!
Mouse over the statue to see this tally

Bounder's Bounty

Once the Bounders have reached their goal of 1,750,000 tokens, (each server has a separate own goal) the Free People will be able to use Bounder's Tokens to enjoy the Bounder's Bounty.
In addition, when the Bounder's Bounty is unlocked, the Bounders will take some time putting the finishing touches on the upgrade to this statue. Look for an improved statue commemorating this achievement in the future!

Bounder's Token?

Bounder's Tokens can be obtained all throughout Middle-earth!
When you like to donate the one's you've collected, talk to Meg Proudfoot, the Bounder's Token Collector in Michel Delving.
She will accept donations in the form of a stack of 50 tokens.

What is the Bounder's Bounty?

The Bounders are working on reinforcing their protection of the Shire.
If enough tokens are collected, the Bounders promise to provide a bounty of rewards for all of those who helped. Also, all people of Middle-earth will receive the Bounder's Boon-icon.png Bounder's Boon  (a buff for all to enjoy). [This buff will persist until the launch of Helm’s Deep.]
Each person will be able to unlock rewards by meeting their own quota, but even larger surprises await if everyone donates enough together!

See Bounder’s Token Rewards Vendor or the Bounder’s Bounty Vendor for details
The Bounder's Bounty Statue under construction.