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The Hunter is a master of field and forest, unmatched with the bow. Hunters use their survival skills to guide their companions and lay traps for their enemies. Hunters are at their strongest when attacking from a distance, but they are able to defend themselves in melee combat, when needed.

Inspired by Legolas, Prince of Mirkwood, a mighty hunter and companion of Aragorn, the Hunter is the master of ranged damage with additional skills in crowd control and support.

With his ability to travel quickly to many locations while taking his entire Fellowship with him (wayfaring), the Hunter has become known as the Middle-earth Taxi Service.

Available Races: Dwarf, Elf, Hobbit, Man

A female Hobbit Hunter
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Nuker - The Hunter is proficient at dealing out damage to single foes at both range and melee. When the Hunter is at range, he can unleash devastating arrow shots that do high damage to single targets. When the solo enemy finally manages to close into melee range, the Hunter is well-equipped to deal the finishing blow with some of their melee skills.
The Hunter has three different trait specialisation sets: the Bowmaster, the Huntsman and the trapper of Foes.

  • Bowmaster: The Bowmaster is a stationary, high-impact build that focuses on bursting down targets before they have they can get into melee. While grouping for DPS, this is usually the wanted Hunter specialisation, as it simply deals the highest damage.
  • Huntsman: The Huntsman is a mid-ranged mobile harasser who excels at sustained damage, while navigating the battlefield. This versatile build allows the Hunter to kite and deal with more than a single enemy.
  • Trapper of Foes: The Trapper Of Foes functions as a utility build that focuses on sustained damage, AoE, and crowd control. In this build, the Hunter can take on multiple mobs at once by trapping many of them, to prevent being overwhelmed.


In addition to Power, Hunters use another resource, Focus. Some abilities generate Focus (such as Quick Shot-icon.png Quick Shot), while other (usually better) abilities spend Focus. A Hunter can have a maximum of 9 Focus (each 'pip' on the Focus meter represents 3 Focus, also marked by a small crosshairs icon). Abilities will spend Focus in multiples of 3 (1 pip); most spenders consume 3 focus / 1 pip, but a few abilities consume more (see Merciful Shot-icon.png Merciful Shot).

A Hunter must stand still to maintain their Focus. The Focus meter will start to deplete if a Hunter begins moving, and can quickly empty to zero if a Hunter moves too much. Choosing to specialize in the Huntsman (blue) trait tree will entirely remove this penalty.


All Hunters have extra range on ranged weapon special abilities and auto-attacks, able to fire from up to 30m away. Hunters specialized in the Bowmaster (red) traits can fire from even longer distances, up to 40m.


Default Skills

These skills are granted automatically as you gain levels. The effects of many of these skills are improved in various ways by your choice of specialization and how you spend your trait points. Some skills may also be replaced by an improved version of the same skill as you increase in level.

Skill Category Focus Range Induct / Cool Source
Quick Shot-icon.png Quick Shot Ranged Damage +1 Focus 30m 1s / - Level: 1
Penetrating Shot-icon.png Penetrating Shot Ranged Damage -3 Focus 30m - / 3s Level: 1
Blindside-icon.png Blindside Ranged/Melee Damage + Interrupt +3 Focus 2.5m - / 12s Level: 1
Set Trap-icon.png Set Trap Trap 2.5s / 1m Level: 3
Stance Strength-icon.png Stance: Strength Stance Self - / 5s Level: 4
Barbed Arrow-icon.png Barbed Arrow Ranged Damage + DoT +1 Focus 30m 1.5s / 1.5s Level: 4
Hunter Focus-icon.png Focus Buff +9 Focus self 3s / 2s Level: 8
Swift Bow-icon.png Swift Bow Ranged Damage +2 Focus 30m 2s / 10s Level: 10
Passage of Nature-icon.png Passage of Nature Track 2s / 30s Level: 10
Find the Path-icon.png Find the Path Fellowship Buff 20m - / 10s Level: 12
Purge Poison-icon.png Purge Poison Cure 25m - / - Level: 14
Stance Precision-icon.png Stance: Precision Stance Self - / 5s Level: 16
Low Cut-icon.png Low Cut Melee Damage + Slow 5.2m - / 5s Level: 18
Cry of the Hunter-icon.png Cry of the Hunter Bubble + Buff + Daze 6.2m - / 2m Level: 20
Desperate Flight-icon.png Desperate Flight Emergency Travel Self - / 30m Level: 20
Bard's Arrow-icon.png Bard's Arrow Ranged Damage + Fear +1 Focus 30m 1.5s / 30s Level: 22
Bright Campfire-icon.png Bright Campfire Buff 4s / 3m Level: 22
Passage of Foes-icon.png Passage of Foes Track 2s / 30s Level: 22
Return to Camp-icon.png Return to Camp Travel 10s / - Level: 26
Endurance (Trait)-icon.png Stance: Endurance Stance Self - / 5s Level: 28
Intent Concentration-icon.png Intent Concentration Buff +9 Focus Self - / 3m Level: 28
Merciful Shot-icon.png Merciful Shot Ranged Damage -6 Focus 30m - / 30s Level: 30
Passage of Shadow-icon.png Passage of Shadow Track 2s / 30s Level: 32
Beneath Notice-icon.png Beneath Notice Buff Self - / 5m Level: 38
Camouflage-icon.png Camouflage Stealth Self - / 10s Level: 40
Dazing Blow-icon.png Dazing Blow Melee Damage + Crowd Control 2.5m - / 1m Level: 48
Merciful Shot-icon.png Improved Merciful Shot Ranged Damage + -6 Focus 30m - / 30s Level: 52
Dazing Blow-icon.png Improved Dazing Blow Melee Damage + Crowd Control + 2.5m - / 1m Level: 52
Swift Bow-icon.png Improved Swift Bow Ranged Damage +2 Focus 30m 2s / 10s Level: 54
Distracting Shot-icon.png Distracting Shot Crowd Control +1 Focus 230m 1.5s / 3m Level: 58
Improved Beneath Notice-icon.png Improved Beneath Notice Buff + Power return Self - / 5m Level: 64
Penetrating Shot-icon.png Improved Penetrating Shot Ranged Damage -3 Focus 30m - / - Level: 68
Quick Shot-icon.png Improved Quick Shot Ranged Damage +1 Focus 30m 1s / - Level: 74


These skills are acquired by spending trait points in the Huntsman (blue) trait tree. You can only obtain the Set skills if you specialize in this tree.

Skill Category Focus Range Induct / Cool Source
Scourging Blow-icon.png Scourging Blow Melee Damage 2.5m - / 5s Set: Initial Skill
Barrage-icon.png Barrage Ranged Damage -3 Focus 30m - / 1s Set: Initial Skill
Split Shot-icon.png Split Shot Ranged Damage +1 Focus 30m 1.5s / 10s Trait: Split Shot (Trait)-icon.png Split Shot 
Blood Arrow-icon.png Blood Arrow Ranged Damage -3 Focus 30m - / 10s Trait: Blood Arrow (Trait)-icon.png Blood Arrow 
Exsanguinate-icon.png Exsanguinate Ranged Damage -1 Focus 30m - / 45s Trait: Exsanguinate (Trait)-icon.png Exsanguinate 
Strength of the Earth-icon.png Strength of the Earth Power Heal Self - / 1m30s Trait: Strength of the Earth (Trait)-icon.png Strength of Earth 
Rapid Fire-icon.png Rapid Fire Buff Self - / 1m30s Trait: Rapid Fire-icon.png Rapid Fire 


These skills are acquired by spending trait points in the Bowmaster (red) trait tree. You can only obtain the Set skills if you specialize in this tree.

Skill Category Focus Range Induct / Cool Source
Pinning Shot-icon.png Pinning Shot Ranged Damage + Root -3 Focus 30m - / 8s Set: Initial Skill
Heart Seeker-icon.png Heart Seeker Ranged Damage 40m - / 3s Trait: Heart Seeker (Trait)-icon.png Heart Seeker 
Press Onward-icon.png Press Onward Morale/Power Heal Self 2s / 2m Trait: Press Onward (Trait)-icon.png Press Onward 
Rain of Arrows-icon.png Rain of Arrows Ranged Damage -3 Focus 40m - / 10s Trait: Rain of Arrows-icon.png Rain of Arrows 
Burn Hot-icon.png Burn Hot Buff Self - / 2m Trait: Burn Hot (Trait)-icon.png Burn Hot 
Upshot-icon.png Upshot Ranged Damage -9 Focus 40m - / 25s Trait: Upshot-icon.png Upshot 

Trapper Of Foes

These skills are acquired by spending trait points in the Trapper Of Foes (yellow) trait tree. You can only obtain the Set skills if you specialize in this tree.

Skill Category Focus Range Induct / Cool Source
Lingering Wound-icon.png Lingering Wound Ranged Damage + DoT 30m - / 1s Set: Initial Skill
Decoy-icon.png Decoy Threat Reduction Self - / 1m Set: Initial Skill
Tripwire-icon.png Tripwire Trap + Crowd Control - / 1m Trait: Tripwire (Trait)-icon.png Tripwire 
Deadly Decoy-icon.png Deadly Decoy Threat Reduction + Damage Self - / 1m Set: Deadly Decoy-icon.png Deadly Decoy 
Explosive Arrow (Trait)-icon.png Explosive Arrow Damage -3 Focus 30m - / 30s Trait: Explosive Arrow (Trait)-icon.png Explosive Arrow 
Set Trap-icon.png Triple Trap Trap + Damage - / 1m Set: Triple Trap (Trapper of Foes)-icon.png Triple Trap 
Rain of Thorns-icon.png Rain of Thorns Ranged Damage + Root 3m - / 10s Trait: Rain of Thorns (Trait)-icon.png Rain of Thorns 
Piercing Trap.png Piercing Trap Trap + DoT - / 45s Trait: Piercing Trap.png Piercing Trap 
The One Trap-icon.png The One Trap Trap + Damage + DoT - / 45s Trait: The One Trap-icon.png The One Trap 

Mounted Combat Skills

These skills can be used only while riding a war-steed, and only while in the regions of East Rohan, Wildermore, and West Rohan. Passive skills which improve the war-steed's defensive capabilities remain effective even in other regions, but serve only to prevent forced dismount due to enemy attacks.
The three different stances (Riddermark, Rohirrim and Red Dawn) influence the effects and damage of the different skills, but all skills are available in each stance.

Active Skills Category Cooldown Range Source
Discipline Red Dawn-icon.png Discipline: Red Dawn Stance 1s - Quest: Devastation in the North
Discipline Riddermark-icon.png Discipline: Riddermark Stance 1s - Quest: Devastation in the North
Discipline Rohirrim-icon.png Discipline: Rohirrim Stance 1s - Quest: Devastation in the North
Establishing Shot-icon.png Establishing Shot Ranged + Buff 3s 55m Quest: Vol. III, Book 8, Ch. 1
Kill Shot-icon.png Kill Shot Ranged 24s 55m Quest: Vol. III, Book 8, Ch. 1
Seeking Arrow-icon.png Seeking Arrow Ranged + DoT/Heal/Dismount 4s 55m Quest: Vol. III, Book 8, Ch. 1
Noble Arrow-icon.png Noble Arrow Ranged + DoT/Heal/Debuff 8s 55m Quest: Vol. III, Book 8, Ch. 1
Spread of Arrows-icon.png Spread of Arrows Ranged + DoT + Debuff 14s 55m Quest: Vol. III, Book 8, Ch. 1
Flay Open-icon.png Flay Open Melee + DoT/Heal/Debuff 6s 4.2m Quest: Vol. III, Book 8, Ch. 1
Lay Trap-icon.png Lay Trap Trap with DoT/Fear/Debuff 24s Trap Quest: Vol. III, Book 8, Ch. 1


Guide to ... skills no longer require travelling rations as of Update 12: Helm's Deep.

Ability Category Lvl Description Requirement
Find the Path-icon.png Find the Path Buff 14 Increases fellowship run speed by 15.0%
Desperate Flight-icon.png Desperate Flight Travel 20 Recalls the hunter alone to nearby rally point
Return to Camp-icon.png Return to Camp Travel 26 Recalls fellowship to a camp site fire
Guide to Michel Delving-icon.png Guide to Michel Delving Travel 22 Recalls fellowship to Michel Delving
Guide to Thorin's Hall-icon.png Guide to Thorin's Hall Travel 24 Recalls fellowship to Thorin's Hall
Guide to Ost Guruth-icon.png Guide to Ost Guruth Travel 26 Recalls fellowship to Ost Guruth Quest: Wilderness by Ost Guruth
Guide to Bree-icon.png Guide to Bree Travel 32 Recalls fellowship to Bree
Guide to Esteldín-icon.png Guide to Esteldín Travel 34 Recalls fellowship to Esteldín
Guide to Evendim-icon.png Guide to Evendim Travel 36 Recalls fellowship to Tinnudir in Evendim Quest: Tracks Through Evendim
Muster in the Misty Mountains-icon.png Guide to the Misty Mountains Travel 40 Recalls fellowship to Hrimbarg in The Misty Mountains Acquaintance Standing with Elves of Rivendell
Guide to West Angmar-icon.png Guide to West Angmar Travel 44 Recalls fellowship to Aughaire in Angmar Quest: Desolation by Aughaire
Guide to Rivendell-icon.png Guide to Rivendell Travel 46 Recalls fellowship to Rivendell
Guide to Sûri-kylä-icon.png Guide to Sûri-kylä Travel 48 Recalls fellowship to Sûri-kylä in Forochel Acquaintance Standing with Lossoth of Forochel.
Guide to East Angmar-icon.png Guide to East Angmar Travel 48 Recalls fellowship to Gath Forthnír in Angmar Quest: Waste Near Gath Forthnír
Guide to Echad Dúnann-icon.png Guide to Echad Dúnann Travel 50 Recalls fellowship to Echad Dúnann Quest: Lay of the Land
Guide to the Twenty-first Hall-icon.png Guide to the Twenty-first Hall Travel 56 Recalls fellowship to The Twenty-first Hall Acquaintance Standing with Iron Garrison Miners
Guide to Caras Galadhon-icon.png Guide to Caras Galadhon Travel 60 Recalls fellowship to Caras Galadhon Acquaintance Standing with Galadhrim
Guide to Mirk-eaves-icon.png Guide to Mirk-eaves Travel 62 Recalls fellowship to Mirk-eaves Acquaintance Standing with Malledhrim
Guide to Harndirion-icon.png Guide to Harndirion Travel 62 Recalls fellowship to Harndirion in Enedwaith Friend Standing with The Grey Company
Guide to Galtrev-icon.png Guide to Galtrev Travel 70 Recalls fellowship to Galtrev in Dunland Acquaintance Standing with Men of Dunland
Guide to Stangard-icon.png Guide to Stangard Travel 75 Recalls fellowship to Stangard in The Great River Acquaintance Standing with The Riders of Stangard
Guide to Snowbourn-icon.png Guide to Snowbourn Travel 80 Recalls fellowship to Snowbourn in East Rohan Acquaintance Standing with Men of the Sutcrofts
Guide to Forlaw-icon.png Guide to Forlaw Travel 85 Recalls fellowship to Forlaw in Wildermore Acquaintance Standing with People of Wildermore
Guide to Snowbourn-icon.png Guide to Aldburg Travel 95 Recalls fellowship to Aldburg in West Rohan Friend Standing with The Eorlingas
Guide to Snowbourn-icon.png Guide to Helm's Deep Travel 95 Recalls fellowship to Helm's Deep in West Rohan Friend Standing with The Helmingas
Dol Amroth-icon.png Guide to Dol Amroth Travel 95 Recalls fellowship to Dol Amroth in Western Gondor Friend Standing with Dol Amroth (Faction)

Trait Sets


The Bowmaster is a Hunter specialization tree that focuses on doing high, stationary damage. This trait tree allows ranged skills to be fired from a distance of 40 m, instead of 30 m.
All attacks have a 10% chance to grant the Needful Haste effect, which shortens the Swift Bow induction and attack duration in general. The first set bonus (Needful Haste Increase) increases the proc chance of this effect to 25%.

Set Bonus Description Source
Needful Haste Increase (Bowmaster)-icon.png Needful Haste Increase  Improves buff Needful Haste Set: 5+ total ranks
Shoot to Kill (Bowmaster)-icon.png Shoot to Kill  Buff Set: 10+ total ranks
Archer's Mark (Bowmaster)-icon.png Archer's Mark  Buff Set: 15+ total ranks
Haemorrhaging Shot (Bowmaster)-icon.png Haemorrhaging Shot  Buff Set: 20+ total ranks
Swift Mercy (Bowmaster)-icon.png Swift Mercy  Improves the skill Merciful Shot Set: 25+ total ranks
Hidden Stalker (Bowmaster)-icon.png Hidden Stalker  Improves the skill Camouflage Set: 30+ total ranks
Marksman (Bowmaster)-icon.png Marksman  Improves the skills Heart Seeker and Upshot Set: 35+ total ranks

Trait Description Source
Heart Seeker (Trait)-icon.png Heart Seeker  Gain skill Heart Seeker Trait: 0+ ranks
True Shot (Trait)-icon.png True Shot  Improves Penetrating Shot Trait: 0+ ranks
Critical Eye (Trait)-icon.png Critical Eye  Buff Trait: 0+ ranks
Press Onward (Trait)-icon.png Press Onward  Gain skill Press Onward Trait: 5+ ranks
Swift Mercy (Bowmaster)-icon.png Swift and True  Improves Swift Bow Trait: 5+ ranks
Fast Draw (Trait)-icon.png Fast Draw  Improves Quick Shot Trait: 5+ ranks
Press Onward (Trait)-icon.png Perseverance  Improves Press Onward Trait: 10+ ranks, Press Onward (Trait) (1)
Low Cut-icon.png Quick Escape  Improves Low Cut Trait: 10+ ranks
Deadly Precision (Trait)-icon.png Deadly Precision  Buff Trait: 10+ ranks
Strength (Trait)-icon.png Strength  Improves Stance: Strength Trait: 10+ ranks
Draw Weight (Trait)-icon.png Draw Weight  Buff Trait: 15+ ranks
Rain of Arrows-icon.png Rain of Arrows  Gain skill Rain of Arrows Trait: 15+ ranks
Mercy Kill (Trait)-icon.png Mercy Kill  Improves Merciful Shot Trait: 20+ ranks
Burn Hot (Trait)-icon.png Burn Hot  Gain skill Burn Hot Trait: 20+ ranks
Rain of Arrows-icon.png Hail of Arrows  Improves Rain of Arrows Trait: 20+ ranks, Rain of Arrows (Trait) (2)
Bodkin Arrows (Trait)-icon.png Bodkin Arrows  Buff Trait: 25+ ranks
In for the Kill (Trait)-icon.png In For The Kill  Improves Heart Seeker Trait: 25+ ranks
Upshot-icon.png Upshot  Gain skill Upshot Trait: 30+ ranks

Trapper Of Foes

The Trapper Of Foes is a Hunter specialization tree that focuses on trapping and Crowd Control of enemies. Hunters in this trait tree can lay traps while moving and without inductions.

Set Bonus Description Source
Deadly Decoy-icon.png Deadly Decoy  Improves skill Decoy Set: 5+ total ranks
Triple Trap (Trapper of Foes)-icon.png Triple Trap  Improves skill Set Trap Set: 10+ total ranks
Master Trapper (Trapper of Foes)-icon.png Master Trapper  Improves skills Triple Trap, Piercing Trap, and Deadly Decoy Set: 15+ total ranks
Strong Intimidation (Trapper of Foes)-icon.png Strong Intimidation  Improves fear skills (Bard's Arrow) Set: 20+ total ranks
Heightened Senses (Trapper of Foes)-icon.png Heightened Senses  Buff Set: 25+ total ranks
Purge Poison (Trapper of Foes)-icon.png Purge Poison  Improves skill Purge Poison Set: 30+ total ranks
Sturdy Traps (Trapper of Foes)-icon.png Sturdy Traps  Buff; Improves skills Set Trap, Triple Trap, Piercing Trap, Tripwire, and The One Trap Set: 35+ total ranks

Trait Description Source
Tripwire (Trait)-icon.png Tripwire  Gain skill Tripwire Trait: 0+ ranks
Natural Extracts (Trait)-icon.png Natural Extracts  Buff Trait: 0+ ranks
Survival Gear (Trait)-icon.png Survival Gear  Buff Trait: 0+ ranks
Complex Mechanisms (Trait)-icon.png Combat Traps  Improves skills Set Trap, Triple Trap, Piercing Trap, Tripwire, and The One Trap Trait: 5+ ranks
Explosive Arrow (Trait)-icon.png Explosive Arrow  Gain skill Explosive Arrow Trait: 5+ ranks
Elusive (Trait)-icon.png Elusive  Buff Trait: 5+ ranks, Survival Gear (5)
Rain of Thorns (Trait)-icon.png Rain of Thorns  Gain and improves skill Rain of Thorns Trait: 10+ ranks
Explosive Powder (Trait)-icon.png Explosive Powder  Improves skills Deadly Decoy and Explosive Arrow Trait: 10+ ranks, Explosive Arrow (1)
Endurance (Trait)-icon.png Endurance  Improves skill Stance: Endurance Trait: 10+ ranks
Complex Mechanisms (Trait)-icon.png Complex Mechanisms  Improves skills Triple Trap, Piercing Trap, Tripwire, and The One Trap Trait: 15+ ranks
Advancement Placement (Trait)-icon.png Advanced Placement  Improves skills Triple Trap, Piercing Trap, Tripwire, and The One Trap Trait: 15+ ranks
Piercing Trap.png Piercing Trap  Gain skill Piercing Trap Trait: 15+ ranks
Armour Rend (Trait)-icon.png Armour Rend  Improves skill Penetrating Shot Trait: 20+ ranks
Distracting Shot-icon.png Improved Distracting Shot  Improves skill Distracting Shot Trait: 25+ ranks
Wounded Prey (Trait)-icon.png Wounded Prey  Improves skill Merciful Shot Trait: 25+ ranks
The One Trap-icon.png The One Trap  Gain skill The One Trap Trait: 30+ ranks


The Huntsman is a Hunter specialization tree that focuses on mobile ranged damage. While in this tree, Hunters are allowed to move without losing Focus and without an extra miss chance penalty for movement on their ranged skills.

Set Bonus Description Source
Nock on the Move (Huntsman)-icon.png Nock on the Move  Buff Set: 5+ total ranks
Fleetness (Huntsman)-icon.png Fleetness  Buff Set: 10+ total ranks
Barbed Hinderance (Huntsman)-icon.png Barbed Hinderance  Improves skill Barbed Arrow Set: 15+ total ranks
Swift Release (Huntsman)-icon.png Swift Release  Improves skills Barbed Arrow and Split Shot Set: 20+ total ranks
Earthborn (Huntsman)-icon.png Earthborn  Improves the skill Strength of the Earth Set: 25+ total ranks
Fleetness (Huntsman)-icon.png Improved Fleetness  Buff Set: 30+ total ranks
Rapid Fire-icon.png Intensified Fire  Improves skill Rapid Fire Set: 35+ total ranks

Trait Description Source
Impact Arrows-icon.png Impact Arrows  Buff Trait: 0+ ranks
Quick Draw-icon.png Quick Draw  Buff Trait: 0+ ranks
Strong Draw-icon.png Strong Draw  Buff Trait: 5+ ranks
Quick Shot Focus (Trait)-icon.png Quick Shot Focus  Improves Quick Shot Trait: 5+ ranks
Split Shot (Trait)-icon.png Split Shot  Gain skill Split Shot Trait: 5+ ranks
Barbed Fury-icon.png Barbed Fury  Buff Trait: 10+ ranks
Pathfinder (Trait)-icon.png Pathfinder  Improves Find the Path Trait: 10+ ranks
Precision (Trait)-icon.png Precision  Improves Stance: Precision Trait: 10+ ranks
Blood Arrow (Trait)-icon.png Blood Arrow  Gain skill Blood Arrow Trait: 15+ ranks
Exsanguinate (Trait)-icon.png Exsanguinate  Gain skill Exsanguinate Trait: 15+ ranks, Blood Arrow (Trait) (2)
Improved Intent Concentration (Trait)-icon.png Improved Intent Concentration  Improves Intent Concentration Trait: 15+ ranks
Strength of the Earth (Trait)-icon.png Strength of Earth  Gain skill Strength of the Earth Trait: 20+ ranks
Shot Through The Heart (Trait)-icon.png Shot Through The Heart  Improves Heart Seeker and Merciful Shot Trait: 20+ ranks
Volley (Trait)-icon.png Volley  Buff Trait: 20+ ranks
Bow of the Righteous (Trait)-icon.png Bow of the Righteous  Buff Trait: 25+ ranks
Rapid Fire-icon.png Rapid Fire  Gain skill Rapid Fire Trait: 35+ ranks

Trait Tree

A mobile, Harassing mid-ranged Hunter.

A mid-ranged mobile harasser who deals sustained damage while free to move. They unload rapid volleys, dealing damage quickly.

Scourging Blow-icon.png Scourging Blow
Barrage-icon.png Barrage
No Focus loss on Movement.
No Miss CHance Penalty for Movement.

A Stationary, long-ranged Hunter dealing great damage.

A Stationary, high-impact line that tains bursts of damage upon the assailant, using a rhythm of generating and consuming Focus to maximize DPS.

Pinning Shot-icon.png Pinning Shot
On every harmful skill, 10% chance to -.5s Swift Bow induction
-25% attack duration
Duration 15s
+10 Max distance of ranged skills

Trapper of Foes
Uses AOE and CC ranged skills to hinder foes.

Focuses on sustained damage, AoE and CC, controlling the flow of battle while providing buffs for allies to gain leverage on their opponents.

Lingering Wound-icon.png Lingering Wound
Decoy-icon.png Decoy
All traps can be used while moving and have no inductions.

Impact Arrows-icon.png
Quick Draw-icon.png
Strong Draw-icon.png
Quick Shot Focus (Trait)-icon.png
Split Shot (Trait)-icon.png
Barbed Fury-icon.png
Pathfinder (Trait)-icon.png
Precision (Trait)-icon.png
Blood Arrow (Trait)-icon.png

Exsanguinate (Trait)-icon.png
Improved Intent Concentration (Trait)-icon.png
Strength of the Earth (Trait)-icon.png
Shot Through The Heart (Trait)-icon.png
Volley (Trait)-icon.png
Bow of the Righteous (Trait)-icon.png
Rapid Fire-icon.png
Heart Seeker (Trait)-icon.png
True Shot (Trait)-icon.png
Critical Eye (Trait)-icon.png
Press Onward (Trait)-icon.png
Swift Mercy (Bowmaster)-icon.png
↓ (5) Fast Draw (Trait)-icon.png
↓ (1)
Press Onward (Trait)-icon.png
Low Cut-icon.png
Deadly Precision (Trait)-icon.png
Strength (Trait)-icon.png
Draw Weight (Trait)-icon.png
Rain of Arrows-icon.png
↓ (2)
Mercy Kill (Trait)-icon.png
Burn Hot (Trait)-icon.png
Rain of Arrows-icon.png
Bodkin Arrows (Trait)-icon.png
In for the Kill (Trait)-icon.png
Tripwire (Trait)-icon.png
Natural Extracts (Trait)-icon.png
Survival Gear (Trait)-icon.png
Complex Mechanisms (Trait)-icon.png
Explosive Arrow (Trait)-icon.png
Elusive (Trait)-icon.png
↓ (1)
Rain of Thorns (Trait)-icon.png
Explosive Powder (Trait)-icon.png
Endurance (Trait)-icon.png
Complex Mechanisms (Trait)-icon.png
Advancement Placement (Trait)-icon.png
Piercing Trap.png
Armour Rend (Trait)-icon.png
Distracting Shot-icon.png
Wounded Prey (Trait)-icon.png
The One Trap-icon.png

Passive Skills

Armour Proficiencies Source
Light Armour-icon.png Light Armour Level: 1
Medium Armour-icon.png Medium Armour Level: 1
Weapon Proficiencies Source
Bows-icon.png Bows Level: 1
Daggers-icon.png Daggers Level: 1
One-handed Axes-icon.png One-handed Axes Level: 1
One-handed Swords-icon.png One-handed Swords Level: 1
Dual Wielding-icon.png Dual Wielding Level: 1
Crossbows-icon.png Crossbows Level: 7
One-handed Clubs-icon.png One-handed Clubs Level: 15
One-handed Hammers-icon.png One-handed Hammers Level: 15
One-handed Maces-icon.png One-handed Maces Level: 15
Spear-icon.png Spear Level: 20
Miscellaneous Passive Skills Source
Improved Range-icon.png Improved Range Level: 1
Hand Wrought Traps-icon.png Hand Wrought Traps Level: 15
Use of Fire-icon.png Use of Fire Level: 20
Use of Light-icon.png Use of Light Level: 30
Bow Chants-icon.png Bow Chants Level: 25
Tracking Guide-icon.png Tracking Guide Level: 35
Other Passive Skills Source
Specialized Equipment-icon.png Specialized Equipment Level: 1
Clarinet Use-icon.png Clarinet Use Level: 1
Lute Use-icon.png Lute Use Level: 1

Base Passive Skills

For details see Dwarf, Elf, Hobbit, or Man

See Also