High Knolls

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Area.png The High Knolls
Region: Wildermore
Landmark(s): Lonely Height
Steaping Cave
Nona's Cave
Hungry Paths
Settlement(s): Byre Tor
Levels: Mainly 85
Resource tier: Eastemnet
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The High Knolls is an area in the region of Wildermore.

The town of the High Knolls, Byre Tor, long held out against the powers of Núrzum, but now has fallen to the beastly enemy. Venture among forbidding crags in search of the city’s hunted refugees, but use caution, for whispers warn that the Knolls are thick with Saruman's minions!
Geography: A broken, rugged land of stubby trees and hills adorned with jagged spires of rock, the High Knolls have long been home to the southernmost clans of the Orcs of the Misty Mountains.


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Various Deeds can be advanced by visiting this area


Steaping Cave- Refuges from Byre Tor

Nona's Cave

The High Knolls Quests


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