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High Elf

High Elves, who have beheld the beauty of Valinor, possess grace and strength beyond even their woodland kin. Those few who remain yearn to see that Middle-earth is safe to bequeath to Men before they depart for the Undying Lands.
Playable Classes: Captain, Champion, Guardian, Hunter, Lore-master, Minstrel, Rune-keeper, Warden
Starting Area: Rivendell / Celondim
  • The High Elf race was added in 2017 with Update 21 - the Mordor Expansion.

High Elf Names

With rare exception, the Elves of Middle-earth have Sindarin names.
Names like Arwen, Celebrain, and Galadriel are examples of Elf-women in Middle-earth.
  • Common Feminine name Endings: -anor, -dal, -dis, -el, -eth, -iel, -il, -gil, -los, -raen, -reth, -riel, -rian, -rien, -uilas, -uilos, -wen, -wing
  • Common Female Prefixes: Adan-, And-, Ar-, Bel-, Breg-, Celeb-, Dol-, Edhel-, El-, Fan-, Find-, Galadh-, Gil-, Hir-, Ior-, Ir-, Lal-, Mel-, Mor-, Nim-, Rod-, Sael-, Tinu-

Names like Elrond, Legolas and Lindir are examples of elf-men in Middle-earth.
  • Common Masculine name Endings in Sindarin are: -adan, -aran, -bor, -born, -dir, -dor, -had, -ion, -las, -moth, -or, -phant, -phor, -randir, -ras, -rod, -rond, -ros, -thalion, -thir, -uil, and -we
  • Common Prefixes are: Adan-, Aeg-, Am-, Aran-, Bara-, Beleg-, Celeb-, Curu-, Dag-, El-, Fela-, Fin-, Gal-, Gil-, Hal-, Ing-, Lin-, Mal-, Pen-, Tar-, Thurin-, Ul-

High Elf Origins

  • Beleriand
In Elder Days, you dwelt in the fair Elf-lands of Beleriand, now broken and lost forever beneath the Sea.
  • Imladris
Driven from your home by Death and war, you came to the hidden vale of Imladris, where you have long dwelt under Elrond's protection.
  • Nargothrond
You spent your younger days in the cavern-fortress of Nargothrond, the hall of Finrod Felagund, whose beauty was lost in the wars of old.
  • Gondolin
The memory of the white towers of Gondolin, hidden city of the High Elves, still burns within you, though it fell to treachery long ago.
  • Ossiriand
Your home of Ossiriand survived the fall of Beleriand to be come Gil-galad's realm of Lindon, now grown empty as the Elves depart for Valinor.

High Elves in the Lore of LOTRO

Galadriel.png Lady Galadriel is co-ruler of Lothlórien, together with her husband, Lord Celeborn.

Glorfindel.png Glorfindel