High Crag

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Area.png High Crag
Region: The Misty Mountains
Dungeon(s): Gabilazan Vault
Halmur Stoneshaper's Tomb
Landmark(s): Eikhall Dale
Hríthur's Haven
Bruinen Source East
Bruinen Source West
Giant Halls
Levels: Mainly 43 - 44
Resource tier: Artisan
High Crag.jpg

High Crag is an area within The Misty Mountains in the central region.

This area lies crammed between steep ridges, south-east and south of Bruinen Source West and East respectively, and north of Giant Halls. From south the two narrow passes are guarded by Gabilazan to the west and Rakhâs-bizar to the east. Pockets of forests with bears, hawks, and mammoths are spread around the hillsides and many deep dead-end valleys. Some ruins remind explorers about old times when the dwarves mined for gold and silver.

It may be mentioned that the eastern pass, Rakhâs-bizar, is powerfully guarded by elite stone-trolls and frost-giants at its southern end, but a cautious traveller may avoid them. The western pass runs through Gabilazan which is guarded by common Dourhand dwarves, except for its south gate where an elite frost-giant and a few hardy Dourhands stand vigil. Curiously, though Gabilazan's landmark flag stands in Giant Halls, most of the old fortress and mining centre falls within High Crag. Thus two interesting buildings belongs to this area, the Gabilazan Vault and Halmur Stoneshaper's Tomb. The vault contains the very first stone that was laid for the fortress, the cornerstone, but is poorly guarded by Dourhands. The tomb is not guarded at all, rather it seems the Dourhands shun the place for some reason.

High Crag does not offer any services, but its rich wildlife attracts many hunters for meat and hide, and its connections in all cardinal points but west makes it one of the most trafficked areas in the Misty Mountains.


These landmarks are located within High Crag:



See "starting quests" and the landmarks for more quests



NPC Function Coords
ElfM.png Golhador Quest [24.6S, 1.3E]
Dwarf.png Halmur Stoneshaper Quest (inside tomb) [28.3S, 0.2E]
Dwarf.png Larus Sharpshard Quest & Provisioner [24.6S, 1.3E]
Dwarf.png Vighar Roadwalker Quest & Stable-master [24.6S, 1.3E]


The following creatures are found within this area:


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