Helm's Deep

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Helm's Deep

Settlement.png Helm's Deep
Region: West Rohan
Area: Westfold
Location: [63.7S, 89.5W]
Helm's Deep map.jpg


Helm's Deep is a settlement located within the area of Westfold in West Rohan. [, ]

Helm's Deep was a large valley in the north-western Ered Nimrais (White Mountains) below the Thrihyrne.


During the War of the Ring the fortress guarding Helm's Deep again became the refuge of some of the Rohirrim, now under King Théoden, and the Battle of the Hornburg was fought there. [1]


The various devices to shift time during the Epic Battles
Helm's Deep has multiple presentations -- "Before Midnight," "After Midnight," "Before Dawn," and "Sunrise". While these four presentations are visually identical, the game mechanics require that they each have unique "maps" (coordinates) to locate objects and individuals.
  • "After Midnight, i.e. during the Epic Battle for the Hornburg, none of the services listed below are available, only Gamling, Gléowine [68.9N, 47.5W] and the pile of grain sacks (Helm's Deep, before Midnight) exist to transport back from the Battles.
One begins the Epic Battles portion of Vol. III. Book 13, Chapter 3, Night Depens, by clicking on the map table -- "After Midnight" to time shift and begin the Epic Quest sequences. To return to the normal game world, click on the Grain Sacks - "Helm's Deep, before Midnight."
Map: EB-Helm's Deep
There are no services available at Dawn.
(There is no map for the Glittering Caves inside the entrance - 71.3S|142.2W.)
At "Dawn," none of the services listed below are available, only Gamling, Gléowine [68.9N, 47.5W], the pile of grain sacks (Helm's Deep, before Midnight) and the barrel of swords exist to transport back from the Battles.
Only "Before Midnight" can the following services can be found within the settlement of Helm's Deep:





  • Gléowine [63.9S, 89.9W] and his Map-table (Helm's Deep, ater Midnight) exist to transport you into the Battles.
  • Vault-keeper [64.4S, 89.3W] -- up the stairs on the second level
  • Auctioneer [64.5S, 89.7W] -- up the stairs on the second level



Game technology

  • "Turbine said that while Peter Jackson's vision of Helm's Deep made a serious impact on how fans saw the battle, "LotRO is the game of the books" and as such is striving to provide a more accurate representation of the conflict. So while there will be no Elves showing up or Gandalf charging in to save the day, we will experience many events of the books that didn't make it to film, such as clashes at the dike and the glittering caves.
  • "The outcome of the "Big Battle" of Helm's Deep is fixed in lore and won't be impacted by the player, but each player can make a difference in how they contribute to that victory through their efforts.
  • "Part of a player's contribution will depend on how his group coordinates (if he is in one) and what role he decides to pursue. There are three roles in the defense of Helm's Deep: vanguard, engineer, and officer. Vanguards are focused on wading into the battle and doing some personal damage, engineers fire siege weapons and interact with environmental objects, and officers give orders. Seems there's a little something there for all interests." [2]


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