Harmonious Raiment (100)

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This is a Minstrel armour set acquired at Glân Vraig in the Ettenmoors.


Minstrel trader Bellflower Pitts, Glân Vraig

Item to Receive Items to Trade
Armour Sets Item Level 192
PvMP Minstrel Gloves (U6)-icon.png Harmonious Gloves Commendation-icon.png 4,000 Commendations
PvMP Minstrel Feet (U6)-icon.png Harmonious Boots Commendation-icon.png 4,000 Commendations
PvMP Light Leggings 2-icon.png Harmonious Trousers Commendation-icon.png 6,000 Commendations
PvMP Minstrel Chest (U6)-icon.png Harmonious Shirt Commendation-icon.png 7,500 Commendations
PvMP Minstrel Shoulders (U6)-icon.png Harmonious Pauldrons Commendation-icon.png 6,000 Commendations
PvMP Minstrel Head (U6)-icon.png Harmonious Hat Commendation-icon.png 7,500 Commendations


Totals (including set bonuses): +18 Audacity, <pending>
Raiment of Tradition
PvMP Minstrel Head (U6)-icon.pngPvMP Minstrel Shoulders (U6)-icon.pngPvMP Minstrel Chest (U6)-icon.pngPvMP Minstrel Gloves (U6)-icon.pngPvMP Light Leggings 2-icon.pngPvMP Minstrel Feet (U6)-icon.png


Minstrel Audacity Set.jpg