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Map of Gondor

Gondor is a land in the south of Middle-Earth. There are two regions in this land, which are described below. Gondor reaches from the cape of Andrast in the west to the mountains of Mordor in the east.

Players must pass through the Paths of the Dead to access Gondor.

For a summary of levels, see Regional Quests, a page which also indicates the main level of creatures and mobs.

Turbine Roadmap

On April 14, 2014, Lotro's Excecutive Producer Aaron Campbell announced a roadmap of Gondorian regions to be released in 2014 and 2015:[1][2].
A second live chat with Arron Campbell took place on 16 July 2014 after the release of Update 14, covered 2014, 2015, 2016.
  • No increase of level cap to 105 in U15.
  • The Dead Marshes - mini update - between U14 and U15. Stretch Goal, include first view of the Dawnless Day.
U15 Epic Battle: Offensive Battle - Pelargir - as Aragorn's Special Ops force to open the gates for Aragorn and the Army of the Dead. You retake the city of Pelagir in stages.
Beornings coming in Update 15.
Epic Story, Epic Battles in Update 15 is free to all.
  • May 4, 2015 - Osgiliath and the areas between Osgiliath and Pelargir
Update 16 - Ashes of Osgiliath - May 4, 2015 - Osgiliath, Upper Lebennin, Lossarnach and South Ithilien
New instance cluster in Osgiliath
Legendary Imbuement System
  • Eastern Gondor (2015) - Minas Tirith, the Siege of Gondor and the Battle on Pelennor Fields

Central Gondor

Central Gondor Screenshot.jpg

See Central Gondor for more details

Central Gondor is a region in Gondor. It is adjacent to Western Gondor.

Settlements, Areas and Landmarks of Central Gondor
Settlements: EthringLinhirOst AnglebedPelargir
Areas: Dor-en-ErnilLower LebenninRingló Vale
Landmarks: Ringló Vale: The Crossing HallDâr MatumEilendothGríshruLumber CampNimrondSpider Cave

Dor-en-Ernil: Barad RillBattlegroundCorsair CaveDol BrannorErchar's CampGaerlondHerion's CampLang BohaTungobel
Lebennin: AerthirAerthir LighthouseAmon AnglebedCamp of the Grey HostErynosEthir AnduinGilrain WoodsHall of Ost AnglebedHata KebirHata KhezratLornostMalbarthRuins of EthillornSarnhadThama Aklam
Pelargir: Abandoned DistrictCorsair BlockadeDestroyed Monument of CastamirEastern SeagateKing Minardil's MemorialMonument of King TelumehtarMonument of the Sea-KingsStatue of ThorongilTol CiryaraniWestern Seagate

The Dead Marshes

Dead Marshes Landscape Shot.png

See The Dead Marshes for more details

The Dead Marshes is an area of swampland east of the Emyn Muil and bordered on the east by the Dagorlad plain, site of the ancient Battle of Dagorlad during the Last Alliance of Elves and Men.

Settlements and Landmarks of The Dead Marshes
Settlements: none
Landmarks: Artamir's CampMarshland OutpostThe Nerbyg NestsThe Lake of Dead FacesHaudh Aîr

Eastern Gondor

Eastern Gondor.jpg

See Eastern Gondor for more details

Eastern Gondor is a region in the east of Middle-earth. It is adjacent to Central Gondor and Old Anórien.

Settlements, Areas and Landmarks of Eastern Gondor
Settlements: ArnachBâr HúrinFaramir's LookoutGlaniathImloth MeluiOsgiliathTumladen
Areas: Upper LebenninLossarnachSouth Ithilien
Landmarks: Upper Lebennin: Crossings of EruiGreat Hall of TumladenHalachMinlosSirthanc

Lossarnach: AegollantDindal's WatchErui DeltaForlong's HallGaldir's DellHarlondHall of Lady VanyalosHall of the Gentle HandLuntil's FerryNan HarlondOst Norhír
South Ithilien: Barad NemornBrangobelDuindirHarlancHúrin's HallIthiliantLân MefamMoon-land FallsMorgulduinMorgul GateOst SarramRolanthirThe Cross-roadsTunthamWestern Post
Osgiliath: ArmouryCourt of AnárionCourt of IsildurDome of StarsGates of the MoonGates of the SunGreat BridgeHall of the Osgiliath-stoneHigh ArchivesHouses of HealingMeneldil's SquareOsgiliath CulvertsPalace of EldacarRómendacil's SquareTheatre of Cemendur

Old Anórien

Old Anórien

See Old Anórien for more details

Old Anórien is a region in the east of Middle-earth. It is adjacent to Eastern Gondor.

It contains the areas of Talath Anor, Pelennor Fields, and Minas Tirith

Settlements, Areas and Landmarks of Old Anórien
Settlements: CrithostMinas Tirith
Areas: Minas TirithPelennorTalath Anor
Landmarks: Minas Tirith: The Old ArchivesArtists' Fellow-hallThe Black HouseBuilders' Fellow-hallBurgmens' Fellow-hallCisternsThe CitadelClothiers' Fellow-hallCraftsmen's TierDome of the SunThe Fair HallFoodmongers' Fellow-hallThe Great GateHostelers' Fellow-hallHouses of HealingHouses of LoreMasters' TierPlayers' TierHigh StablesSages' TierSmiths' Fellow-hallSoldiers' TierThe Tower of EcthelionThe White TreeWrights' Fellow-hallWorkers' Tier

Pelennor: Causeway FortsThe HillockNorth-gateSouth-gatePel ChardúnPel DúvenPel ForodPel EnaidPel TundalafRammas Echor
Talath Anor: Cair AndrosCrithostParth DuinParth GladióParth Lisc

Far Anórien

Far Anórien Screenshot.jpg

See Far Anórien for more details

Far Anórien is a region in the east of Middle-earth. It is adjacent to Old Anórien, as well as East and West Rohan.
It contains the areas of The Beacon Hills and Taur Drúadan.

Settlements, Areas and Landmarks of Far Anórien
Settlements: Drû BhûtaOst RimmonWar-stead of the Rohirrim
Areas: Taur DrúadanThe Beacon Hills
Landmarks: 'Taur Drúadan: Amon DînEilenachNardolNardol QuarryLuk KhakátThe Grey Wood

War-stead of the EorlingasWar-stead of the HelmingasWar-stead of the King's MenThéoden's War-steadEastern BlockadeMaudhûl Grak
The Beacon Hills: ErelasMin-RimmonRimmon QuarryOst RimmonCalenhadHalifirien
Firien WoodAmon HenThe Falls of RaurosMouths of the Entwash

Western Gondor

Western Gondor Screenshot.jpg

See Western Gondor for more details

Western Gondor is part of the second of the two great nations of Men founded in Middle-earth by Elendil after the Downfall of Númenor, the other being Arnor in the north. It is located to the west of Mordor, on the Bay of Belfalas.

Settlements, Areas and Landmarks of Western Gondor
Settlements: Dol AmrothCalembelLothgobelMorladOst LontirTadrentDínadabAlagrantSardolLancrath
Areas: Blackroot ValePaths of the DeadHavens of BelfalasLamedon
Landmarks: Blackroot Vale: TingobelThe Stone of ErechThe Hill of ErechLhingrothTarlang's NeckTarlang's Crown

Lamedon: TathrendalfThe Fallen BeaconMaegondBar ElirBandit Encampment
Havens of Belfalas: Abedec's WatchAmon LontirCaves of the AvorrimEdhellondEmyn ErnilHashadîrMakham MijannNendathTol AduialTol Fennas
The Court of the PrinceThe Swan Knight's KeepDocks of Dol AmrothThe Court of the FountInzibel's WalkLibrary of SaphadzîrThe Harper's Court
Paths of the Dead: Kêr IzelKêr BrasThe Shadow-watchLenn Dûskud


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