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The Mountain's Throat Entrance to Goblin Town


Something stirs beneath the Northern High Pass. In grim tunnels deep beneath the snow, goblins toil and fires glow. The pits of Goblin-town teem once more with living foes.

Depopulated following the goblins’ defeat at the Battle of Five Armies — in which the hordes of Goblin-town sought vengeance for the death of their leader, the Great Goblin — the foul warrens beneath the High Pass did not remain empty for long. Goblins from throughout the mountains reclaimed Goblin-town and a new Great Goblin rose up to lead them. Rumor has it that the Great Goblin courts an allegiance with Angmar, which would give the Witch-king a deep and dangerous new stronghold within striking distance of Rivendell. In the dark tunnels of Goblin-town, where hostile creatures blinded by malice and fear follow the whims of the cruelest masters, a one-eyed goblin is king.


Goblin-town is located in The Misty Mountains, north-east of Vindurhal and north of Hrimbarg in the Northern High Pass. There are two entrances, the "main gate" and the "secret" passage; see travelling information.

Travelling Information

Explicit details are found at the two first items.

Quest Overview

Starting at Bilbo

  1. Passage to Darkness [45]
  2. My Dwarf Friends [45]
  3. Preparing for the Dark [45]
  4. The Undiscovered Path [45]

Starting at Gloin's Camp

  1. Goblins at the Gate [45]
  2. Order from the Darkness [45]
  3. Memory of the Wargs [45]
  4. Rumours of the North [45]
  5. Indecipherable [45]

You need to complete Memory of the Wargs in order to do the following quests:


  1. In the Foe's Grasp
  2. The Great Escape



These goblins are found all over the place:

In some parts there are additional mobs:

In Slave Pens:

In Thundergrot:

In Goblin-town Throne Room:

This list is not complete yet.


GoblinKing.png Ashûrz the Great Goblin - aka Goblin King
GoblinBrute.png Matuga
CaveTroll.png Horm, The Pit Beast


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