Glothrok the Vile

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This page is about the mounted Glothrok. For the same mob dismounted from his warg, see Glothrok the Vile (dismounted)
Glothrok the Vile
Glothrok the Vile.jpg
Level: 58
Instance: The Grand Stair

Type: Nemesis
Genus: Orc-kind
Species: Goblin

Morale: 66,320
Power: 10,214
Advanced Stats
Alignment: ( Evil )
Combat Effectiveness:
Finesse: Unknown
F.M. Immune: False
Stun/Mez Imm.: True
Root Immune: True
Cry: Average
Song: Average
Tactical: Average
Physical: Average
Common: Average AncientDwarf: Average
Fire: Feeble Beleriand: Average
Light: Feeble Westernesse: Average
Shadow: Average Frost: Average
Lightning: Average

Level of Lore-master reporting: ( )  


Glothrok the Vile dismounted from his warg.

Glothrok the Vile can be found within the Highpeak Kennels in the Grand Stair instance in Moria. [71.2N, 137.8W]


Poison Dagger

Quest Involvement


Glothrok the Vile is riding a warg. At about 34k Morale the two separate into Glothrok and Forzunk. Kill the warg first and continue with the boss. At several points warg adds will appear; kill these first and continue with the boss. He is vulnerable to Light and Fire Damage. Expect many poisons during the fight.


Rare Drops
One-handed Axe 2 (rare)-icon.pngDwarf-make Figurine-icon.pngShield 12 (rare)-icon.png

Other Drops
Heritage Rune 65-icon.png


  • "What have we here, Forzunk? Not Orcs..."
  • "Well then, Forzunk, let us get more meat for the young!"
  • "In through the chest - out through the back!"


The fell Warg-rider, paired with his mount, is a terrifying foe, doubled in strength with his fanged companion bearing him upon his endeavours.

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