Gaunt Men

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In the First Age, in Angband, there were many creatures bred and twisted by darkness.

Known as Ancient Evil, they are creatures that served Morgoth (Sauron’s master)) in Angband prior to Morgoth’s expulsion from the world.

After Morgoth’s fall, the remaining Gaunt-men went into hiding in the realm that later became Angmar. Their power was greatly diminished.

When The Five Wizards, sent by the Valar to aid in the fight against Sauron, arrived to lend wisdom to the Free Peoples of Middle-earth, the Witch-king summoned the Gaunt-men to his service. Among them, five gained greater power to match the five Wizards. These five, embodying death, pestilence, famine, war, and purest evil, became known as the Gaunt-lords.

Drugoth the Death-monger, DEATH (Minion of Shadow)
encountered: (Dragon-wing of Helegrod instance, Misty Mountains)
Ferndúr the Virulent, PESTILENCE (Minion of Plague) - Disease
encountered (Imlad Bachorth, Angmar))
Thadúr the Ravager, FAMINE (Minion of Misery)
encountered: (in the Great Barrow - Thadúr instance -- you get the second half of the skull-key from him, Bree-land)
Ivar the Blood-hand, WAR (Minion of Battle)
encountered: (Garth Agarwen Barrows, Lone-lands)
Gortheron the Doom-caller, PUREST EVIL
encountered: (in Lhe Colvarn in the Lich Bluffs, Enedwaith).

The Gaunt-lords were created using lore surrounding the coming of the Wizards and the physical manifestation of spirits. These creatures are among the most powerful of the Enemy’s servants.



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