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Frostbluff is a closed region used exclusively by the annual Winter/Yule Festival. It is accessible via Festival Announcer Stable-master located by several cities' stable-masters (Bree, Celondim, Thorin's Gate, Michel Delving), during the Festival. It is not accessible at other times.

"Maps" are also available which will take an individual directly to Winter-home in Frostbluff. These have been distributed as part of the Yule Festival "announcement quest": Yule Festival is Here!


Settlements and Towns


Points of Interest

  • Pampered mushroom tent [11.9N, 94.3W]
  • Winter-home town summoning horn [11.7N, 94.6W]
  • Winter-home fort [12.6N, 93.4W]
  • Cluckland [13.3N, 94.6W]
  • The Snowball Field [13.1N, 95.3W]


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