Esteldín Crafters' Courtyard

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Esteldín Crafters' Courtyard
Region: The North Downs
Settlement: Esteldín
Location: [9.7S, 41.7W]
Esteldín Crafters' Courtyard.jpg

Esteldín Crafters' Courtyard is the east-most courtyard of Esteldín. [9.7S, 41.7W]

In the east of Esteldín, behind the library coming from the main entrance, lies this courtyard with all crafting facilities of the settlement: the Craft-hall of Esteldín with its Superior Workbenches, Vault-keeper, and also the homes for the Jeweller's, Tailor's, and Woodworker's Guild. Here are also found the officials for the reputation faction Rangers of Esteldín; one is inside the craft-hall. West of this courtyard lie Esteldín Central Courtyard and the Forecourt beyond.

From the crafter's courtyard a narrow mountain trail winds itself eastward up the mountain passes leading into Rhunenlad and Nan Amlug East, just south of Rusfold. That is the second of only two passages to and fro Esteldín.




See the crafting facilities for more quests near this location.




NPC Function Coords
HumanF.png Nestadam Healer & Provisioner [9.7S, 40.7W]
HobbitM.png Bungo Brockhouse Crafting Trophy Trader [9.7S, 40.5W]

Rangers of Esteldín

NPC Function Coords
HumanF.png Nethúr Rangers of Esteldín Barterer [9.7S, 40.8W]
Ranger.png Malenfang Rangers of Esteldín Vendor [9.7S, 40.8W]
Ranger.png Techeron Rangers of Esteldín Vendor [9.7S, 40.6W]


NPC Function Coords
Ranger.png Handarod Quest - Special Events [9.7S, 40.7W]
HillmanM.png Nairnë Quest [9.7S, 40.5W]
Horse.png Ranger's Horse Quest [9.6S, 40.5W]
Human.png Sentry [9.9S, 40.6W]
Ranger.png Ranger


The Crafters' Courtyard is coloured