Erebrandir's Horseshoe

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Erebrandir's Horseshoe (Effect)-icon.png
 Erebrandir's Horseshoe
  • Some people believe that horseshoes bring good fortune.

Item Information

This effect is granted by the item Erebrandir's Horseshoe-icon.png Erebrandir's Horseshoe.


Erebrandir means "Lonely Wanderer".

Effect Information

Confirmed effects

Jon Sandheaver.jpg
  • During the instance The Infiltrators' Surprise, wearing the horseshoe will spawn Jon Sandheaver, a Hobbit in a skeleton costume, proclaiming his fondness for turtles in reference to an Internet video.[1]
  • Wearing the horseshoe will change "exactly one line of text in one quest in the same Epic line that you get the horseshoe."[2]
  • Wearing the horseshoe during the snowball fight in Frostbluff grants a short immunity to the impairment effects of snowballs - You know Snow Fu - in reference to a line from the movie The Matrix.[3]

Debunked Theories

These effects have been denied by the developers:

  • Improve fishing.
  • Affect loot from chests.
  • Increase the crit chance for Relic combining.

Unsupported theories

It has been suggested, but never confirmed, that equipping the Horseshoe might:

  • Improve your chance of looting shards when Prospecting and Foresting.
  • Improve your chance of getting on stage in the theater at Frostbluff.
  • Improve your chance in the Treasure Hunt event.
    • One of the dwarves in the Treasure Hunt suggests to take something lucky into the fields, saying that "one should always carry a lucky item in their pocket, like a horse shoe."