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Reward Boxes

Earning Merit in Epic Battles fills a number of bars on the bottom of the Road to Battle and Battle History pages. Once each bar is full, you can either 'cash out' and receive a reward, or transfer the points to a higher tier to save for a better piece of reward jewelry. You can only transfer the points over, however, from Bronze to Silver and from Silver to Gold. It is not possible to transfer Gold points to Platinum points. If the points are transferred over, only one point out of those twenty gets transferred over into the new bar. Filling the platinum bar will award a Blue Gift Box 2-icon.png  Platinum Stars of Merit Box .

Epic Battle Rewards Interface.jpg

All main and side quests in Epic Battles will also award reward boxes. Boxes from Merit and from Quests both normally contain a number of Star of Merit-icon.png  Star of Merit and sometimes a random reward.

Side quest Main quest
Battle for Helm's Deep Instances
Main quest
Retaking Pelargir
Main quest
Defence of Minas Tirith and Hammer of the Underworld
Platinum Epic Battles Reward-icon.png Quartermaster's Fine Armaments Epic Battles Reward-icon.png Treasures of Rohan Epic Battles Reward-icon.png Treasures of Pelargir Epic Battles Reward-icon.png Treasures of Minas Tirith
Gold, Silver and Bronze Epic Battles Reward 2-icon.png Quartermaster's Reward Epic Battles Reward 2-icon.png Gifts of Rohan Epic Battles Reward 2-icon.png Gifts of Pelargir Epic Battles Reward 2-icon.png Gifts of Minas Tirith

Reward jewelry for completed Epic Battles [1]

Bronze Epic Battles reward (Uncommon)

Silver Epic Battles reward (Rare)

Gold Epic Battles reward (Incomparable)

Rings from Retaking Pelargir

Platinum Epic Battles reward (Set Jewelry)

Incomparable reward


Quartermaster (Veterans of Helm's Deep) (Level 95)
Merit Committee (Battle Decorations (Standard Honors)) (Level 95 + 100)

Epic reward


Merit Committee (Battle Decorations (High Honors)) (Level 95 + 100)


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