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Elladan is the oldest of the twins who Celebrían, the wife of Elrond, gave birth to TA 130 (which means he is just about 2888 years old when we meet him in the current Lotro era. His twin brother is Elrohir and his little sister is the wondrous Arwen Evenstar, born 111 years later. His name means "Star-man".

In the one hundred and thirtieth year of the Third Age, Celebrían the wife of Elrond bore twin sons. Dark-haired and grey-eyed, only those that knew them well could tell them apart. The first of the twins was named Elladan, "Star-Man" as a token of his ancestry; he was descended not only from the royal houses of the Eldar, but also from the Three Houses of the Edain.
Many centuries later, the twins' mother Celebrían went on a journey into the south to visit her own mother, Galadriel, in the land of Lórien. In the Redhorn Pass, she was captured by orcs, and tortured in their dens. Elladan rode with his brother to rescue her, but by the time they reached her she had received a poisonous wound. Though their father healed her, she would not remain in Middle-earth, and sailed into the West the following year. After this loss, Elladan and his brother Elrohir were filled with hatred of the orcs, often riding against them with the Northern Dúnedain.
In the early part of the War of the Ring, the brothers' main role was to scout the land and prepare the way for the Fellowship, but later they took a more active part. When Halbarad rode to Aragorn's aid with the Grey Company, Elladan and Elrohir accompanied them. They followed Aragorn through the Paths of the Dead, fought with him at Pelargir, and took part in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, where they fought with stars bound to their brows.
After the War of the Ring, little is known of the brothers' fate. They returned to their father's house at Rivendell, and remained there even after he had passed across the Sea. Like their sister Arwen, the sons of Elrond Half-elven were granted the choice of whether to leave Middle-earth for the Undying Lands, or remain there and become Mortal as Men. Elladan had such a bond with his brother that they must surely have chosen alike, but what choice they made in the end can never now be known.

Elladan (Thorin's Gate)

Elladan in Edhelion Watch

We first meet Elladan in the introduction quests for dwarves and elves, at Edhelion Watch. [15.2S, 101.6W]

Together with Elrohir he has arrived to the area because of a curious dream their father had. He has organized a temporary elven camp just outside the ruined Refuge of Edhelion and there he organizes the research and those who have journeyed to the Blue Mountains to quell the evil timings that have begun to spread throughout the Middle-earth.

Quest Involvement

Elladan (Thorenhad)

Image of Elladan
Gender Male
Race Elf
Level 65
Difficulty Normal
Morale 9,058
Power 882
Region The Trollshaws
Area Thorenhad
Location Thorenhad
Map Ref [31.7S, 15.2W]

Later on Elladan is found at Thorenhad in the the Trollshaws. [31.7S, 15.2W]

This matches the early part of the War of the Ring, as mentioned earlier, when the twin's main role was to scout the land and prepare the way for the Fellowship.

Quest Involvement

Epic Quests:

Elladan (Instances)

Elladan also appears in two instances, some time in between hunting in Thorenhad and his later duties in Dunland. They take place in The Last Homely House in Rivendell and at Zudrugund in Enedwaith.

Quest Involvement

Elladan (Dunland)

Image of Elladan
Gender Male
Race Elf
Region Dunland
Area Tâl Methedras
Settlement Tûr Morva
Map Ref [75.7S, 8.1W]

Elladan continues south as the adventures of The Grey Company carry on. Then he appears in Tûr Morva in Dunland. [75.7S, 8.1W]

Quest Involvement


"The Nazgûl has fled once again, but he will be found."
"You have been a great service to us <name>."