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Dagorlad is part of Update 20 (April 2017). It is a currently inaccessible region in Rhovanion.


Dagorlad is a vast dusty plain in the southeastern part of Rhovanion near Mordor in Middle-earth. It lies between the hills of Emyn Muil and the Cirith Gorgor, and is largely a treeless wasteland, bereft of life and beauty. It is immediately north of the Black Gate of the Morannon.
Its name in Sindarin means "Battle Plain" and refers to the major battle between the army of The Last Alliance of Elves and Men and the hordes of Mordor at the end of the Second Age. The area of this battle, full of death and rotting corpses, is now known as the Dead Marshes. Although the bodies of the dead are long gone, their ghastly shapes can still be seen floating ethereally beneath the surface of the blackish waters of the swamp known as the Dead Marshes.
Cirith Gorgor was the point where the mountain ranges of the Ered Lithui and the Ephel Dúath met, to the northwest of Udûn and Mordor. It was sealed by the Morannon (Black Gate) and guarded by the two Towers of the Teeth, Carchost and Narchost.
In the west the uplands of Emyn Muil ended abruptly in the East Wall of Rohan. In the south the Anduin cascaded over Rauros, a great waterfall. In the east, although of lower elevation, the barren hills still ended in a steep edge.
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Dagorlad above Cirith Gorgor and the Udûn Valley