Class Quest Drops

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It seems many creatures vs. locations are wrong (or have been moved around), based on findings in Angmar

Beginning at level 45 (for a 50th level quest), characters are offered a complex quest chain by their class trainer. A part of the chain includes two quests, given at the same time, which require the character to obtain a series of rare item drops from Angmar, the Misty Mountains, Forochel, Annúminas, or Eregion. The class trainer asks for 2-3 items at a time until at least a dozen uniquely named items have been obtained; the actual number of each individual item required varies, see the Items By Class listing below, for exact items and quantities.

The first set of items are bind on acquire quest drops which can only be obtained by the character directly (the quest tracker will update). These include a unique item drop from a named creature of signature stature and multiple items from a common creature within the same region. Generally, the target creatures tend to be located at opposite ends of the same region and within heavily guarded areas.

The second and third set of items drop normally from defeated creatures and are not bound. These items can be obtained either through the character's own adventuring efforts, trading between characters (alts or other players), purchased through the Auction House, or from a Curiosities Vendor at any Skirmish Camp.

It is much easier to obtain the items beforehand and turn them all in at once, regardless of how they were obtained.

Note: For the Burglar (at least), there is a slight discrepancy with the first set of item names within the game. The quest tracker will ask for a more generic item, for example "Snowbeast-fur", but if you open the quest log (hotkey: L) after obtaining one, the item will appear as "Blinding Snowbeast-fur". This discrepancy can be ignored, the class trainer will update the quest when the items are delivered.

Items By Class

Quest 1st Set 2nd Set 3rd Set
Articles of Cunning 12 Blinding Snowbeast-fur
Driftclaw's Windswept Hide
20 Unyielding Drake Scales
10 Glossy Cave-claw Skins
Goblin Badge of Rank
Insignia of Battle
Implements of the Night 5 Hollow Sulfur-leech Fangs
Narglup's Split Claw
20 Hateful Worm Eyes
15 Venomous Dread Turtle Beaks
Warg-keeper's Token
Cruel Talon of Azgoth
Articles of Command 12 Steam-scorched Carapace
Hogni's Spiked Helmet
20 Corroded Neekerbreeker Horns
20 Grisly Bat Talon
Putrid Slime of Helchgam
Badge of Command
Implements of War 8 Nasty Snowreap-knives
Fakhthal's Jagged Blade
15 Coiled Spider Spinnerets
15 Hateful Worm Eyes
5 Rotted Barghest Paws
Teeth of the Gorthorog
Medallion of Passage
Articles of Valour 10 Brimstone-tinged Tarkrîp-boots
Raillug's Frozen Hide
20 Mottled Spider Mandibles
15 Bubbling Droplets
Bloodstained Tally Stick
Insignia of Battle
Implements of Daring 5 Notched Ongbúrz-swords
Tramug's Hand-axe
20 Splintered Warg Claws
20 Barbed Barghest Tails
Flawless Scale of Lhugrien
Sigil of War
Articles of Fortitude 10 Snow-encrusted Dourhand Boots
Grimgore's Ashen Hide
25 Unyielding Drake Scales
15 Gem-encrusted Nails
Flawless Scale of Lhugrien
Warg-keeper's Token
Implements of Battle 5 Brimstone-tinged Tarkrîp-spears
Shataz's Cruel Bludgeon
20 Grisly Bat Talons
15 Mottled Spider Mandible
5 Hooked Warg Claws
Crimson Gorthorog Horn
Sigil of War
Articles of Discovery 5 Brimstone-tinged Tarkrîp helmets
Zorrgolug's matted hide
10 Glossy Cave-claw Skins
15 Corroded Neekerbreeker Horns
Rune of Winged Dominance
Insignia of Battle
Implements of the Hunt 5 Corroded Iron-Crown Staves
Driftclaw's Razor-sharp Claw
20 Clouded Worm Eyes
5 Venomous Dread Turtle Beaks
5 Putrid Fingernails
Medallion of Passage
Putrid Slime of Helchgam
Articles of Mystery 12 Distasteful Corcur-emblems
Grimgore's Matted Fur
15 Revered Wight Remains
15 Bubbling Droplets
Goblin Badge of Rank
Putrid Slime of Helchgam
Implements of Knowledge 8 Frosted Corcur-staves
Driftclaw's Rending-tooth
20 Hateful Worm Eyes
10 Putrid Fingernails
Emblem of Ritual
Rune of Evil Presence
Articles of Harmony 12 Matted Snow-beast Fur
5 Brimstone-tinged Tarkrîp-plates
20 Clouded Worm Eyes
15 Revered Wight Remains
Ashen Gorthorog Horn
Goblin Badge of Rank
Implements of Song 12 Chipped Rock-worm Fangs
Narglup's Blunted Tooth
5 Corrosive Droplets
15 Splintered Warg Claws
5 Grisly Bat Talons
Emblem of Ritual
Rune of Winged Dominance
Hewing a New Stone 12 Misty-mountain Stones
Archivist Ánraig's Runes
10 Corroded Neekerbreeker Horns
20 Hooked Warg Claws
Sigil of War
Rune of Winged Dominance
A Worthy Garment 12 Glâd Ereg Vines
Helchuan's hide
10 Rotted Barghest Paws
20 Corrosive Droplets
Badge of Command
Ashen Gorthorog Horn
A Weapon of Might and Glory 12 Invader's Breastplates
Bryok's Speark
10 Revered Wight Remains
20 Gem-encrusted Nails
Bloodstained Tally Stick
Crimson Gorthorog Horn
A Warden's Second Best Ally 6 Hoary Aurochs Hides
Redtusk's Hide
10 Barbed Barghest Tails
20 Coiled Spider Spinnerets
Rune of Evil Presence
Teeth of the Gorthorog

Items By Name (2nd Set)

Item Mobs Locations Classes
Barbed Barghest Tail Barghests Imlad Balchorth Champion, Warden
Bubbling Droplets Leeches Eastern Malenhad Champion, Lore-master
Clouded Worm Eye Worms Western Malenhad, Eastern Malenhad, Bruinen Source North Hunter, Minstrel
Coiled Spider Spinneret Spiders Himbar, Nan Gurth Captain, Warden
Corroded Neekerbreeker Horn Neeker-breekers Eastern Malenhad Captain, Hunter, Rune-keeper
Corrosive Droplets Brimstone-leeches Eastern Malenhad, Carn Dûm Minstrel, Rune-keeper
Gem-encrusted Nail Cave-claws Gorothlad Guardian, Warden
Glossy Cave-claw Skin Cave-claws Nan Gurth Burglar, Hunter
Grisly Bat Talon Bats Himbar, Carn Dûm Captain, Guardian, Minstrel
Hateful Worm Eye Worms Eastern Malenhad, Nan Gurth, Southern High Pass Burglar, Captain, Lore-master
Hooked Warg Claw Wargs Gorothlad, Nan Gurth, West Angmar, Northern High Pass Guardian, Rune-keeper
Mottled Spider Mandible Spiders Himbar, Nan Gurth Champion, Guardian
Putrid Fingernail Severed Hands Imlad Balchorth, Nan Gurth, Carn Dûm Hunter, Lore-master
Revered Wight Remains Wights Imlad Balchorth, Nan Gurth, Carn Dûm Lore-master, Minstrel, Warden
Rotted Barghest Paw Barghests Imlad Balchorth, Ramparts of Fornost, Haudh Iarchith Captain, Rune-keeper
Splintered Warg Claw Wargs Gorothlad, Nan Gurth, Urugarth, Northern High Pass Champion, Minstrel
Unyielding Drake Scale Drakes Gorothlad, Nan Gurth, Urugarth Burglar, Guardian
Venomous Dread Turtle Beak Turtles Eastern Malenhad Burglar, Hunter

Items By Name (3rd Set)

Note: These items can also be obtained from a Curiosities Vendor at any Skirmish Camp.

Item Mob(s) Location Classes
Ashen Gorthorog Horn Târlug Carn Dûm Minstrel, Rune-keeper
Badge of Command Lagmâs Urugarth Captain, Rune-keeper
Bloodstained Tally Stick Gríshakrum, Kughurz Urugarth Champion, Warden
Crimson Gorthorog Horn Barashal Carn Dûm Guardian, Warden
Cruel Talon of Azgoth Azgoth Carn Dûm Burglar
Emblem of Ritual Morthrâng Urugarth Lore-master, Minstrel
Flawless Scale of Lhugrien Lhugrien Urugarth Champion, Guardian
Goblin Badge of Rank Akrûr Urugarth Burglar, Lore-master, Minstrel
Insignia of Battle Sorkrank, Burzfil Urugarth Burglar, Champion, Hunter
Medallion of Passage Urro Carn Dûm Captain, Hunter
Putrid Slime of Helchgam Helchgam Carn Dûm Captain, Hunter, Lore-master
Rune of Evil Presence Sálvakh Carn Dûm Lore-master, Warden
Rune of Winged Dominance Mormoz Carn Dûm Hunter, Minstrel, Rune-keeper
Sigil of War Gruglok Urugarth Champion, Guardian, Rune-keeper
Teeth of the Gorthorog Dushkâl, Brízrip Urugarth Captain, Warden
Warg-keeper's Token Athpukh Urugarth Burglar, Guardian