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Chicken Play allows you to experience the game from a very different perspective - that of a level 1 chicken; or to be precise, a rooster.


Chicken Play is accessed via a series of quests given by Wald Sandson at Sandson's Farm in the Shire. Each quest (apart from Which Laid First) takes you into Chicken Play, with a generous time limitation. The chicken has an equivalent quest listed as level 1.

Your name will be ~Name, and you can only talk on chicken channels. There are no specific chicken emotes although all the usuals are available as text. A maximum of 50 people can be chickens at any one time. You may not talk to any of the standard NPCs - including stable-masters. Your map is new (mostly blank) on each session. All normally aggressive monsters are aggressive.

Chicken skills

Not all skills are available in every session.


External Guide

There was a great article here about this play in the LOTRO Lorebook, which is now transcribed here:


The Sky is Falling

  1. [6] Which Laid First?
  2. [6] The Early Bird
  3. [6] The Sky is Falling
  4. [6] Flying the Coop

Completing this quest chain is prerequisite for the Flying the Coop Quests.

Prerequisites: completed the quest chain The Sky is Falling
Complete the following quests in no particular order:

Completing the above quests is a prerequisite for these quests:

  1. [6] Returning to Wald
  2. [6] The Great Wide Open
  3. [6] Free Range

Rewards and Notes


Credit for the Chicken Session Guide is given to Lorr (aka Nightwind).