Character Portrait Frames

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Starting with Anniversary Celebration 2012, players can use custom character portrait frames which change the border around your character portrait in your vitals UI element similar to how the border around creature frames change. Your currently selected frame is visible to other players when you are targeted by them and when grouped in a fellowship.

Anniversary frames are automatically made available to VIP and Premium players during the LOTRO Anniversary Celebration. The year reward is based on your account status as of 11:59PM DST on April 14.

To change between available frames on a character:

  1. Right click character portrait in Vitals UI element
  2. Mouse over Custom Character Portraits
  3. Click to select desired frame


Anniversary Frames

Monster Player Anniversary Frames

Yuletide Frame

VIP Frame

This frame was made available to VIP (and former VIP) accounts as part of Update 11, Treachery of the White Hand:

North Ithilien Wilds Frame

This item is a reward for completion of the Deed: A Lesson in Herbalism (Advanced).

Dagorlad Frame

This item is currently unavailable.