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Colour of an items' text and icon indicate quality.
Icon Text Quality
Grey-icon.png White-icon.png Common
Olive-icon.png Yellow-icon.png Uncommon
Crimson-icon.png Purple-icon.png Rare
Cyan-icon.png Cyan-icon.png Incomparable
Yellow-icon.png Orange-icon.png Epic

Icons for Items on LOTRO-Wiki should be named as follows:

File:Typename ## (quality)-icon.png
Typename is a description of the type of item (e.g. "One-handed Hammer", "Light Head", "Warden's Shield")
## is a numeric counter for the style of icon
quality is the quality description in all lowercase (e.g. "common", "uncommon", "rare", "incomparable", "epic")

The color of the item icon determines the quality (see table at right).

Icon Usage

At LOTRO-Wiki we try to use "generic icons" as much as possible, rather than one icon per item.

  • When creating a new item, try to use an existing icon from the Generic Icons table if you can find a match.
  • If there is no match to a Generic Icon, then if there is a match to a Specific Icon, that icon should be made into a Generic Icon.
  • If there is no match at all, then upload the new icon and make it Generic following the naming standard above.
Jewellery Icon Usage Index
Icons: EarringsNecklacesBraceletsRingsPocket items

Icon Tables

Generic Icons
Style Comm Uncom Rare Incom Epic PvMP Other Other Other
Ring 1 Ring 1 (uncommon)-icon.png Ring 1 (rare)-icon.png Ring 1 (incomparable)-icon.png Ring 1 (epic)-icon.png Ring 1 (incomparable reputation)-icon.png Ring 1 (rare reputation)-icon.png Ring 1 (uncommon reputation)-icon.png
Ring 2 Ring 2 (uncommon)-icon.png Ring 2 (rare)-icon.png Ring 2 (incomparable)-icon.png Ring 2 (epic)-icon.png Ring 2 (rare reputation)-icon.png
Ring 3 Ring 3 (uncommon)-icon.png Ring 3 (rare)-icon.png Ring 3 (incomparable)-icon.png
Ring 4 Ring 4 (uncommon)-icon.png Ring 4 (rare)-icon.png Ring 4 (incomparable)-icon.png Ring 4 (rare reputation)-icon.png Ring 4 (uncommon reputation)-icon.png
Ring 5 Ring 5 (uncommon)-icon.png Ring 5 (rare)-icon.png Ring 5 (incomparable)-icon.png
Ring 6 Ring 6 (uncommon)-icon.png Ring 6 (rare)-icon.png Ring 6 (incomparable)-icon.png
Ring 7 Ring 7 (uncommon)-icon.png Ring 7 (rare)-icon.png Ring 7 (incomparable)-icon.png
Ring 8 Ring 8 (uncommon)-icon.png
Ring 9 Ring 9 (uncommon)-icon.png Ring 9 (rare)-icon.png Ring 9 (rare reputation)-icon.png
Ring 10 Ring 10 (rare)-icon.png Ring 10 (incomparable)-icon.png
Ring 11 Ring 11 (uncommon)-icon.png Ring 11 (rare)-icon.png Ring 11 (incomparable reputation)-icon.png Ring 11 (rare reputation)-icon.png
Ring 12 Ring 12 (uncommon)-icon.png Ring 12 (rare)-icon.png Ring 12 (incomparable)-icon.png Ring 12 (incomparable reputation)-icon.png Ring 12 (rare reputation)-icon.png
Ring 13 Ring 13 (rare)-icon.png Ring 13 (incomparable)-icon.png
Ring 14 Ring 14 (uncommon)-icon.png Ring 14 (incomparable)-icon.png
Ring 15 Ring 15 (uncommon)-icon.png Ring 15 (rare)-icon.png Ring 15 (incomparable)-icon.png
Ring 16 Ring 16 (uncommon)-icon.png Ring 16 (rare)-icon.png Ring 16 (incomparable)-icon.png Ring 16 (epic)-icon.png
Ring 17 Ring 17 (uncommon)-icon.png Ring 17 (rare)-icon.png Ring 17 (incomparable)-icon.png
Ring 18 Ring 18 (uncommon)-icon.png Ring 18 (rare)-icon.png Ring 18 (incomparable)-icon.png Ring 18 (epic)-icon.png
Ring 19 Ring 19 (rare)-icon.png Ring 19 (incomparable)-icon.png Ring 19 (epic)-icon.png
Ring 20 Ring 20 (epic)-icon.png
Ring 21 Ring 21 (uncommon)-icon.png Ring 21 (rare)-icon.png Ring 21 (incomparable)-icon.png
Ring 22 Ring 22 (uncommon)-icon.png Ring 22 (rare)-icon.png Ring 22 (incomparable)-icon.png
Ring 23 Ring 23 (uncommon)-icon.png Ring 23 (rare)-icon.png Ring 23 (incomparable)-icon.png
Ring 24 Ring 24 (uncommon)-icon.png Ring 24 (rare)-icon.png
Ring 25 Ring 25 (uncommon)-icon.png Ring 25 (rare)-icon.png
Ring 26 Ring 26 (incomparable reputation)-icon.png Ring 26 (rare reputation 1)-icon.png Ring 26 (rare reputation)-icon.png
Ring 27 Ring 27 (uncommon)-icon.png Ring 27 (Incomparable)-icon.png
Ring 28 Ring 28 (uncommon)-icon.png
Ring 29 Ring 29 (uncommon)-icon.png Ring 29 (incomparable)-icon.png
Ring 30 Ring 30 (uncommon)-icon.png Ring 30 (rare)-icon.png
Ring 31 Ring 31 (rare)-icon.png Ring 31 (incomparable)-icon.png
Ring 32 Ring 32 (uncommon)-icon.png Ring 32 (rare)-icon.png Ring 32 (incomparable)-icon.png
Ring 33 Ring 33 (incomparable)-icon.png
Ring 34 Ring 34 (rare)-icon.png
Ring 35 Ring 35 (uncommon)-icon.png Ring 35 (incomparable)-icon.png
Ring 36 Ring 36 (incomparable)-icon.png
Ring 37 Ring 37 (incomparable)-icon.png
Ring 38 Ring 38 (rare)-icon.png Ring 38 (incomparable)-icon.png
Ring 39 Ring 39 (uncommon)-icon.png Ring 39 (rare)-icon.png Ring 39 (incomparable)-icon.png Ring 39 (epic)-icon.png
Ring 40 Ring 40 (rare)-icon.png
Ring 41 Ring 41 (uncommon)-icon.png
Ring 42 Ring 42 (rare)-icon.png
Ring 43 Ring 43 (uncommon)-icon.png Ring 43 (rare)-icon.png Ring 43 (incomparable)-icon.png
Ring 44 Ring 44 (rare)-icon.png Ring 44 (incomparable)-icon.png
Ring 45 Ring 45 (uncommon)-icon.png Ring 45 (rare)-icon.png Ring 45 (incomparable)-icon.png Ring 45 (rare reputation)-icon.png
Ring 46 Ring 46 (uncommon)-icon.png Ring 46 (rare)-icon.png Ring 46 (incomparable)-icon.png
Ring 47 Ring 47 (rare)-icon.png Ring 47 (incomparable)-icon.png
Specific Icons
Style Icon
Amber Ring Amber Ring-icon.png
Ancient Gold Band Ancient Gold Band-icon.png
Anduin Exemplar's Ring Anduin Exemplar's Ring-icon.png
Anduin Martyr's Ring Anduin Martyr's Ring-icon.png
Anduin Mender's Ring Anduin Mender's Ring-icon.png
Anduin Sage's Ring Anduin Sage's Ring-icon.png
Anduin Vagabond's Ring Anduin Vagabond's Ring-icon.png
Anduin Victor's Ring Anduin Victor's Ring-icon.png
Aradhrin Aradhrin-icon.png
Band of Intuition Band of Intuition-icon.png
Band of Riddling Complexity Band of Riddling Complexity-icon.png
Battered Ring of Rohan Battered Ring of Rohan-icon.png
Black-steel Ring Black-steel Ring-icon.png
Bright Gold Ring Bright Gold Ring-icon.png
Brilliant Ancient Silver Ring Brilliant Ancient Silver Ring-icon.png
Brilliant Copper Ring Brilliant Copper Ring-icon.png
Brilliant Gold Ring Brilliant Gold Ring-icon.png
Brilliant Platinum Ring Brilliant Platinum Ring-icon.png
Cargaraf's Ring Cargaraf's Ring-icon.png
Carved Sapphire Ring Carved Sapphire Ring-icon.png
Chipped Silver Ring Chipped Silver Ring-icon.png
Copper Ring Copper Ring-icon.png
Craggy Bone Ring Craggy Bone Ring-icon.png
Cuguringor Cuguringor-icon.png
Cururingor Cururingor-icon.png
Cushion-cut Emerald Ring Cushion-cut Emerald Ring-icon.png
Delicate Iron Dunlending Ring Delicate Iron Dunlending Ring-icon.png
Diamond Clustered Ring Diamond Clustered Ring-icon.png
Dolen-helvarch Dolen-helvarch-icon.png
Dreng-hring Dreng-hring-icon.png
Dunland Healer's Tin Band Dunland Healer's Tin Band-icon.png
Edhel-Dagor Edhel-Dagor-icon.png
Elder's Band Elder's Band-icon.png
Emerald Signature Ring Emerald Signature Ring-icon.png
Empowered Anduin Exemplar's Ring Empowered Anduin Exemplar's Ring-icon.png
Empowered Anduin Martyr's Ring Empowered Anduin Martyr's Ring-icon.png
Empowered Anduin Mender's Ring Empowered Anduin Mender's Ring-icon.png
Empowered Anduin Sage's Ring Empowered Anduin Sage's Ring-icon.png
Empowered Anduin Vagabond's Ring Empowered Anduin Vagabond's Ring-icon.png
Empowered Anduin Victor's Ring Empowered Anduin Victor's Ring-icon.png
Exquisite Great River Ring Exquisite Great River Ring-icon.png
Exquisite Red Agate Ring Exquisite Red Agate Ring-icon.png
Faeringor Faeringor-icon.png
Fëa-Hiril Fëa-Hiril-icon.png
Fine Copper Ring Fine Copper Ring-icon.png
Finely-etched Iron Ring Finely-etched Iron Ring-icon.png
Flawless Khazâd-copper Ring Flawless Khazâd-copper Ring-icon.png
Flower-shaped Ring Flower-shaped Ring-icon.png
Former Prisoner's Ring Former Prisoner's Ring-icon.png
Former Resident's Ring Former Resident's Ring-icon.png
Gleaming Ring of the Moon-lands Gleaming Ring of the Moon-lands-icon.png
Glittering Ancient Silver Ring Glittering Ancient Silver Ring-icon.png
Glittering Copper Ring Glittering Copper Ring-icon.png
Glittering Gold Ring Glittering Gold Ring-icon.png
Gold Ring Gold Ring-icon.png
Gorothúl's Golden Ring Gorothúl's Golden Ring-icon.png
Gorothúl's Signet Ring Gorothúl's Signet Ring-icon.png
Great River Ring Great River Ring-icon.png
Gruesome Finger-Band Gruesome Finger-Band-icon.png
Guardsman's Ring of Eruilan Guardsman's Ring of Eruilan-icon.png
Guardsman's Signet of Adlan Guardsman's Signet of Adlan-icon.png
Gwannin Gwannin-icon.png
Gwanwengor Gwanwengor-icon.png
Haematite Band Haematite Band-icon.png
Havan-culch Havan-culch-icon.png
Khazâd-copper Ring Khazâd-copper Ring-icon.png
Lesser Ring of Potent Venom Lesser Ring of Potent Venom-icon.png
Lesser Webbed Sapphire Ring Lesser Webbed Sapphire Ring-icon.png
Limlight Guardsman's Ring Limlight Guardsman's Ring-icon.png
Limlight Huntsman's Ring Limlight Huntsman's Ring-icon.png
Limlight Tactician's Ring Limlight Tactician's Ring-icon.png
Limlight Warrior's Ring Limlight Warrior's Ring-icon.png
Loringor Loringor-icon.png
Lost Engagement Ring Lost Engagement Ring-icon.png
Manadhgor Manadhgor-icon.png
Manadhringor Manadhringor-icon.png
Mender's Polished Iron Band Mender's Polished Iron Band-icon.png
Mereth Mereth-icon.png
Minuiallingor Minuiallingor-icon.png
Miringor Miringor-icon.png
Misty Ring Misty Ring-icon.png
Mooncandle Ring Mooncandle Ring-icon.png
Murb-khed Murb-khed-icon.png
Nírgor Nírgor-icon.png
Onyx and Emerald Ring Onyx and Emerald Ring-icon.png
Onyx Band Onyx Band-icon.png
Opal Ring Opal Ring-icon.png
Opulent Ring of the Moon-lands Opulent Ring of the Moon-lands-icon.png
Parch-culch Parch-culch-icon.png
Perfect Emerald Band Perfect Emerald Band-icon.png
Polished Ring of the Moon-lands Polished Ring of the Moon-lands-icon.png
Prankster's Ring Prankster's Ring-icon.png
Red Agate Ring Red Agate Ring-icon.png
Red Garnet Ring Red Garnet Ring-icon.png
Ril-Mîr Ril-Mîr-icon.png
Ring of Caras Galadhon Ring of Caras Galadhon-icon.png
Ring of Conflict Resolution Ring of Conflict Resolution-icon.png
Ring of Éomer Ring of Éomer-icon.png
Ring of Gems Ring of Gems-icon.png
Ring of Intent Ring of Intent-icon.png
Ring of Lasting Victory Ring of Lasting Victory-icon.png
Ring of Renewing Ring of Renewing-icon.png
Ring of Seeking Ring of Seeking-icon.png
Ring of the Aurochs Ring of the Aurochs-icon.png
Ring of the Bear Ring of the Bear-icon.png
Ring of the Bumbling Fellowship Ring of the Bumbling Fellowship-icon.png
Ring of the Dreamflower Ring of the Dreamflower-icon.png
Ring of the Fox Ring of the Fox-icon.png
Ring of the Golden Wood Ring of the Golden Wood-icon.png
Ring of the Hart Ring of the Hart-icon.png
Ring of the Lost One Ring of the Lost One-icon.png
Ring of the Mark Ring of the Mark-icon.png
Ring of the Ox Ring of the Ox-icon.png
Ring of the Rabbit Ring of the Rabbit-icon.png
Ring of the Rider Ring of the Rider-icon.png
Ring of Théodred Ring of Théodred-icon.png
Ring of Uncommon Heroism Ring of Uncommon Heroism-icon.png
Ringent Gem Ring Ringent Gem Ring-icon.png
Rose-gold Opal Ring Rose-gold Opal Ring-icon.png
Roughly Tooled Silver Ring Roughly Tooled Silver Ring-icon.png
Ruby Ring Ruby Ring-icon.png
Sapphire Ring of Might Sapphire Ring of Might-icon.png
Shining Ring of the Moon-lands Shining Ring of the Moon-lands-icon.png
Sidhrin Sidhrin-icon.png
Siegebreaker's Band Siegebreaker's Band-icon.png
Signet of Valour Signet of Valour-icon.png
Silver Ring Silver Ring (Generic)-icon.png
Sparkling White Gold Ring Sparkling White Gold Ring-icon.png
Splendid Ancient Silver Ring Splendid Ancient Silver Ring-icon.png
Spry Ring Spry Ring-icon.png
Stag Clan Soothsayer's Ring Stag Clan Soothsayer's Ring-icon.png
Starblossom Ring Starblossom Ring-icon.png
Steel-set Ring of the Moon-lands Steel-set Ring of the Moon-lands-icon.png
Sturdy Ring of the Moon-lands Sturdy Ring of the Moon-lands-icon.png
Sunbrand Ring Sunbrand Ring-icon.png
Sun-watcher's Gem Sun-watcher's Gem-icon.png
Sun-watcher's Ring Sun-watcher's Ring-icon.png
Textured Gold Ring Textured Gold Ring-icon.png
Tin Ring of the Strong Arm Tin Ring of the Strong Arm-icon.png
Tracker's Thin Brass Band Tracker's Thin Brass Band-icon.png
Trenardhrin Trenardhrin-icon.png
Túringor Túringor-icon.png
Veracity Veracity-icon.png
Wyrmfire Ring Wyrmfire Ring-icon.png

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