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Sarnhad / Ruins of Ethillorn

  1. [100] Desolation on the Coast
  2. [100] Memories of Peace
  3. [100] Children of the Sisters vector to Malbarth


  1. [100] Far From Shore
  2. [100] Honouring the Gilrain
  3. [100] Flames of the South-beacon vector to Ost Anglebed

Ost Anglebed

  1. [100] The Headless Serpent
  2. [100] Blood of the King
  3. [100] Devoted of the Heirs
  4. [100] Refuge in the East vector to Erynos
  5. [100] Legacy of Strife
  6. [100] Crossing the Threshold vector to Aerthir

Nimithil and Milonnen: (requires Sons of the Usurper):
If you have Acquaintance standing with Men of Lebennin or higher:

Upon reaching Kindred standing with Men of Lebennin:

[100] Epilogue: Sailing Into The Dawn


[100] Honour and Vengeance Hata Kebir quests, then vector to Linhir

  1. [100] Divided by War
  2. [100] The Darkness Over Lebennin

Aerthir Lighthouse (requires completion of Sons of the Usurper, plus Friend standing or higher with Men of Lebennin):

Linhir / Ost Anglebed

  1. [100] Sons of the Usurper
  2. [100] Sons of Pelargir vector to Pelargir

Erynos Requires completion of Sons of the Usurper, plus Ally standing or higher with Men of Lebennin:
[100] Faithful of the Sisters repeatable



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