Captain Traits

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Captain Trait Sets

All Captain Traits cost 11 Silver 25 Copper  to slot.

Leader of Men

Name Description Level Deed/Quest
Alert Guard-icon.png Alert Guard Your Defensive Strike now also provides an increase to your Parry. 1 Use Defensive Strike 300 times (100/day)
Echoing Shout-icon.png Echoing Shout Your Threatening Shout now affects up to 3 targets. 26 Use Threatening Shout 500 times
Improved Routing Cry-icon.png Improved Routing Cry Your Routing Cry draws the attention of your enemies.

Routing Cry gains Force Attack for 10s

20 Use Routing Cry 750 times
Captain's Victory-icon.png Captain's Victory The Power-enhancing effects provided by your Herald of Victory or Standard of Victory are more effective. 34 Summon your Herald of Victory 60 times (15/day)
Defiance-icon.png Defiance Your Last Stand lasts longer, and you are healed when it ends.

+10s Last Stand Duration

30 Complete the quest A Captain's Standard
Composure-icon.png Composure Time of Need costs 50% less Morale and resets the cooldowns on most of your 'on-defeat' skills. 50 Use the Time of Need skill 50 times (5/day)
Intimidation-icon.png Intimidation Your Threatening Shout and Grave Wound more strongly direct the enemy's ire towards you. 26 Use Threatening Shout 600 times (100/day)
Labeled Intimidating Shout in the Deed Log
Tactical Prowess-icon.png Tactical Prowess Your To Arms buff lasts longer.

+5s To Arms Duration

40 Use the To Arms skill 300 times (30/day)

Hands of Healing

Name Description Level Deed/Quest
Fear No Darkness-icon.png Fear No Darkness Your Words of Courage greatly increases the morale of your allies.
+20% Healing on Words of Courage
10 Use Words of Courage 500 times (100/day)
Strong Voice (Captain)-icon.png Strong Voice The power costs of Words of Courage and all your Cries and Shouts are reduced.

-8% Words of Courage, Cries, and Shouts Power Cost

10 Use Muster Courage 200 times (50/day)
Blood of Númenor-icon.png Blood of Númenor Allies revived by Escape from Darkness and Cry of Vengeance will return with more Morale and Power. Escape from Darkness also has a reduced induction and cooldown. 30 Save allies from the brink of death 100 times (using Escape from Darkness, Inspiriting Call or Cry of Vengeance) (10/day)
Captain's Hope-icon.png Captain's Hope The Morale-enhancing effects provided by your Herald of Hope or Standard of Hope are more effective. 20 Summon your Herald of Hope 60 times (10/day)
Now for Wrath-icon.png Now for Wrath Your Rallying Cry will also heal a small amount of power, in addition to its normal effects. 30 Use Rallying Cry 600 times (60/day)
Deeds Before Words-icon.png Deeds Before Words Inspire will restore 25% more morale. 50 Use the Inspire skill 1,000 times (100/day)
Relentless Optimism-icon.png Relentless Optimism Your critical heals will heal 50% more. 10 Use Words of Courage or Rallying Cry 250 times (25/day)
Strength from Within-icon.png Strength from Within Muster Courage will heal yourself in addition to its other benefits versus Fear. 40 Use the Muster Courage skill 350 times (35/day)

Lead the Charge

Name Description Level Deed/Quest
Renewed Voice-icon.png Renewed Voice Your Battle-shout recovers more quickly than before.

-5s Battle Shout Cooldown

1 Use Battle-shout 650 times (225/day)
Turn of the Tide-icon.png Turn of the Tide Your Routing Cry now stuns your foes and inflicts more damage.

+5% Routing Cry Damage

1 Afflict enemies with Routing Cry 250 times (85/day)
Captain's Valour-icon.png Captain's Valour The Might and Agility increases provided by your Herald or Standard of War are more effective. 10 Summon your Herald of War 60 times (30/day)
Expert Attacks-icon.png Expert Attacks You have a greater chance of landing a Critical Hit with your Devastating Blow and Pressing Attack.

+[Level x 20] Devastating Blow and Pressing Attack Critical Hit

20 Land critical hits with Devastating Blow 100 times (15/day)
Precise Ally-icon.png Precise Ally Your Heralds and Archers deal 20% more damage. 50 Call forth your Archer 100 times (10/day)
Loyalty (Trait)-icon.png Loyalty You supply your Herald with better equipment, inspiring loyalty. The Herald has more morale, does more damage in combat and takes less damage from enemy attacks. 15 Complete the quest An Inspiration to Men
Battle-master (Trait)-icon.png Battle-master Pressing Attack and Devastating Blow will deal 10% more damage. 30 Strike with Pressing Attack or Devastating Blow 300 times (30/day)
Adherent of Elendil-icon.png Adherent of Elendil Blade of Elendil deals 15% more damage. 50 Strike with Blade of Elendil 350 times (35/day)

Set Bonuses

Legendary Traits

All Legendary Traits cost 101 Silver 25 Copper  to slot.

Name Description Level Deed/Quest
Fellowship-brother-icon.png Fellowship-brother Your Brother skills now affect your entire fellowship with lesser versions of those effects. 39 Find pages of the book The Candle's Flame
Oathbreaker's Shame (Trait)-icon.png Oathbreaker's Shame You levy a curse upon your foe which increases the damage you can do to it.
Skills Earned:
Oathbreaker's Shame
39 Find pages of the book The Book of Oaths
Shield of the Dúnedain (Trait)-icon.png Shield of the Dúnedain You are able to protect a companion, but at a significant cost of Power.
Skills Earned:
Shield of the Dúnedain
39 Find pages of the book Treatise of Valour
In Defence of Middle-earth (Trait)-icon.png In Defence of Middle-earth Your very presence inspires those around you to perform greater deeds in combat.
Skills Earned:
In Defence of Middle-earth
45/50 Complete the class quests Articles of Command and Implements of War, then A Lesson from Boromir
Leader of Men (Trait)-icon.png Leader of Men You have become a Leader of Men. Noble Mark generates more threat, Routing Cry no longer requires a Defeat event, and you are able to Block when wielding a two-handed weapon.
When using Shield-brother on an ally, you will also receive the benefits of your Shield-brother skills.
Noble Mark:
   +50% Threat
Routing Cry:
   No longer requires a Defeat Event
When wielding a two-handed weapon you are able to Block.

Requires: 5 traits in Leader of Men line slotted.
58 Complete The Mines of Moria epic books
Hands of Healing-icon.png Hands of Healing You are a paragon of healing on the battlefield.
When using Song-brother on an ally, you will also receive the benefits of your Song-brother skills.
   +10% Healing
Rallying Cry:
   +10% Healing
Words of Courage:
   +10% Healing
Muster Courage:
   +10% Healing
Valiant Strike:
   +40% Healing
   -30s Cooldown
   Gains a Heal-over-Time effect

Requires: 5 traits in Hands of Healing line slotted.
58 Complete the class quest chain starting with The Path of the Healing Hands
Master of War-icon.png Master of War The vigour of war flows through your veins.
When using Blade-brother on an ally, you will also receive the benefits of your Blade-brother skills.
Shadow's Lament:
   Doesn't require Defeat Event
   +50% Damage
   Receive Battle-readied on Hit
Heralds and Archers:
   +15% Morale
   +25% Damage
   +3% Evade
You are now able to wield 'Armaments of the Oath-bound'

Requires: 5 traits in Lead the Charge line slotted.
None Get the book The Master of the Charge
Requires: Kindred Standing with Iron Garrison Guards