Barad Gúlaran

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Barad Gúlaran
Level: 50
Size: Fellowship
Cluster: Angmar
Region: Angmar
Area: Nan Gurth
Location: [6.6N, 21.9W]
Barad Gúlaran-1.jpg

Barad Gúlaran from a distance
Barad Gúlaran Exterior.jpg
The main hall within Barad Gúlaran


"Having obtained all the tools they need to contain a terrible spell, the sorcerers of Angmar retreat to Barad Gúlaran to fulfil the commands of their mistress Amarthiel, while the Rangers of the North seek to hinder them..."


Barad Gúlaran is a World Instance of the ancient tower of the Witch King.

The entrance is located at Minas Deloth [6.6N, 21.8W] in Nan Gurth located within north-east Angmar.

Travellers head north from Gabilshathûr until reaching the road that branches off into Imlad Balchorth and Nan Gurth. Then they take the road to Nan Gurth, but break off to the right halfway along the road and proceed through some mobs while staying near the cliff-side. There is a path snaking along the cliffs, leading to just south of Minas Deloth, where it will branch off into a path that leads straight up to the door, which is the instance entrance. There some Elite and Elite Master mobs are patrolling by the path, so travelers keep an eye out.


All four quests for Barad Gúlaran are acquired at Gath Forthnír [10.8N, 24.0W] after completing the first two chapters of Book 9:


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Barad Gúlaran is a fairly short instance, and a full clear without wipes takes less than two hours. Due to the difficulty of the bosses (especially Udúnion), it is highly recommended that all members of the fellowship are level 50.

Currently, being defeated in Barad Gúlaran and retreating will send players back to the entrance inside the instance.

From the entrance, proceed straight ahead into three elite Gúlaran Guards. Once they are defeated the gate will open, leading into a large hall. There are about ten more Gúlaran Warriors and Guards patrolling around the sides of the hall, and it is recommended (though not necessary) to defeat them all before engaging Forvengwath, who guards the door at the end of the hall.

Once the room is cleared and Forvengwath is defeated, you can head up to the second level of the tower by stairs in either the west or east rooms. Heading west leads to Coblaith, whereas east leads to Afraig. They both drop items that are essential to defeating the final boss.

In the room past Coblaith and Afraig, Castellan Wisdán awaits. The correct order in which to light the torches in his room is listed in his article. For those who wish to figure it out themselves, the note that one of the two Sorceresses drops should be sufficient.

Head back down after defeating him and looting his chest, which dropped the key to the summoning chamber that Forvengwath was guarding. Open the door and enter the chamber. It is here that you will face Múlvuirë, the last of the three Sorceresses, as well as the final and most difficult boss - Udúnion.


Level Name Difficulty Species Dread Morale
50 Wraith.png Forvengwath Elite Master Unseen 5 23,500
50 Sorceress.png Afraig Elite Man 0 10,000
50 Sorceress.png Coblaith Elite Man 0 10,000
51 Cargûl.png Castellan Wisdán Elite Master Unseen 6-10 34,500
51 Sorceress.png Múlvuirë Elite Master Man 0 33,500
52 Rogmul.png Udúnion Nemesis Ancient Evil 8 70,000


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