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Settlement.png Aughaire
Region: Angmar
Location: [0.0S, 40.0W]


Aughaire is a settlement and an area in south-western Angmar. [0.0S, 40.0W]

This settlement of friendly hillmen lies surrounded at all sides by Fasach-larran, found at the northern end of the safe road that runs south through Lehmä-koti and to the North Downs beyond. Here the tribe of Trév Gállorg have found shelter in caverns within walls of the north-western outskirts of long ridges of the Misty Mountains. The town is spread over islets and the shores of small ponds, connected with wooden bridges. From here the tribe nurtures bonds of friendship, as well as constantly raid the enemy.

This is the first major settlement travellers will come across inside Angmar, and because of the witch-craft that blocks access to eastern and northern Angmar adventurers often stay at Aughaire for quite some time, helping the hospitable citizens. Visitors better meet chieftain Crannog at has his ruling seat in the south-western section and prove themselves friends with the hillmen. There are also two tents where members of Trév Gállorg gather, the warriors and hunters at Búth Luikh and the tale tellers and tradition keepers at Búth Sánkhas. They are eager to task guests with quests of their liking. Furthermore, at the small centre island, as well as throughout the settlement, other hillmen, a few Rangers, and other visitors, will hand out various quests.

The Stable-master is located at the south-eastern entrance. A Mailbox, Milestone, and Tasks Bulletin Board are found at the central main cape. Vendors are found around a market square east of the small centre island, selling provisions and armaments for levels 32 to 45. In the north is a a cavern which serves as a craft faire with a Supplier and Guild Master. And to the south-west the site of Crannog is found, the Chieftain of Trév Gállorg and Aughaire, and there is also the Bard.



Terrain map of Aughaire, click for larger image
Crannog's Ruling Seat
The Market Square of Aughaire
The Craft Faire of Aughaire
Búth Sánkhas

The following services can be found within the settlement of Aughaire:



The craft faire is found in northern Aughaire. [0.7N, 39.9W]


Destination Region Cost Prerequisites
Esteldín The North Downs 25 Silver 
Gabilshathûr (Swift) Angmar 25 Silver  Completed quest Vol I, Book 6, Chapter 6: Challenging the Stone
Gath Forthnír (Swift) Angmar 25 Silver  Acq. with Council of the North
Completed quest Vol I, Book 6, Chapter 6: Challenging the Stone
Iorelen's Camp (Swift) Angmar 25 Silver  Acq. with Council of the North
Completed quest Vol I, Book 6, Chapter 6: Challenging the Stone


The following deeds can be obtained by visiting this place:



Epic Quests

Búth Sánkhas

Búth Luikh



Services & Supplies

NPC Function Coords
HillmanM.png Giric Bard of Aughaire [0.1S, 40.1W]
HillmanM.png Greum Master of Crafting Guilds [0.8N, 39.9W]
ElfF.png Rostellen Sage of Eriador [0.6N, 39.5W]
HillmanF.png Senga Provisioner [0.4N, 39.4W]
HillmanM.png Tavas Stable-master [0.2S, 39.3W]
HillmanM.png Tearlach Supplier [0.7N, 39.9W]
LossothM.png Cánnakh Roving Threat Quartermaster [0.4N, 39.5W]


NPC Function Coords
HillmanM.png Kyven Light Armoursmith
Quest Item Barterer
[0.3N, 39.2W]
HillmanM.png Rahan Medium Armoursmith [0.3N, 39.2W]
HillmanF.png Santach Heavy Armoursmith [0.3N, 39.2W]
HillmanF.png Deloric Bowyer [0.3N, 39.5W]
HillmanF.png Chenan Pole Turner [0.3N, 39.5W]
HillmanF.png Almaric One-handed Weaponsmith [0.3N, 39.5W]
HillmanM.png Brennos Two-handed Weaponsmith [0.3N, 39.5W]
Armour and Weapons are for levels 32 to 45


NPC Function Coords
Crannog.png Crannog Chieftain - Quest [0.1S, 40.2W]
HillmanM.png Raith Task-master - Quest [0.1S, 40.1W]
HumanM.png Nathalan Inn League Member - Festivals [0.2S, 40.1W]
HillmanM.png Camran Quest [0.1N, 39.6W]
Ranger.png Corunir Quest [0.7N, 39.9W]
HumanM.png Declan Quest [0.0N, 39.6W]
HillmanM.png Finnán Quest [0.0N, 39.5W]
HillmanF.png Lakhina Quest [0.0N, 39.6W]
HillmanM.png Moridac Quest [0.1N, 40.1W]
HillmanF.png Osbail Quest [0.0N, 40.2W]
HillmanF.png Rona Quest [0.1N, 39.6W]
HillmanM.png Taraghlan Quest [0.1S, 40.2W]
HillmanM.png Torquil Quest [0.0N, 40.2W]
HillmanM.png Clan Hunters Quest Several
Ranger.png Helegdir [0.1S, 39.9W]
HillmanF.png Clan Herders

NPCs found at or inside the tents of...

Búth Luikh

NPC Function Coords
HillmanM.png Búth Luikh Wound-counter Quest Item Vendor [0.2S, 39.8W]
HillmanM.png Clan Hunters Quest [0.2S, 39.8W]
HillmanM.png Eilig Quest [0.2S, 39.8W]
HillmanM.png Feradakh Quest [0.2S, 39.8W]
HillmanM.png Guirmán Quest [0.2S, 39.8W]
HillmanF.png Sorkha Quest [0.2S, 39.8W]

Búth Sánkhas

NPC Function Coords
HillmanF.png Búth Sánkhas Tale-spinner Quest Item Vendor [0.1N, 39.1W]
HillmanF.png Cuinthorn Quest [0.1N, 39.1W]
HillmanF.png Fonghala Quest [0.1N, 39.2W]
HillmanF.png Latharna Quest [0.1N, 39.2W]
HillmanM.png Machar Quest [0.1N, 39.1W]
HillmanM.png Torcall Quest - Hunter [0.0N, 39.2W]
HillmanF.png Clan Herder [0.2N, 39.1W]


The Hillmen of Aughaire are playing a dangerous game with the powers of Angmar. As one of the larger and more independent tribes of Hillmen in the region, they have considerable sway with their brethren in the service of Angmar.
As long as they continue to convince the Lords of Angmar that they may yet join them, the men of Aughaire are allowed a small breadth of freedom. Nevertheless, their game can only play out so long before Angmar grows impatient and either enslaves or crushes this town as a spot of rebellion upon their flanks. — Deed text

"In years past, when Arthedain and Cardolan strove to drive back the forces of Angmar, the Men of Rhudaur, under the leadership of an evil chieftain of the Hillmen, fell under the sway of the Witch-king of Angmar. As the years passed, the Hillmen were displaced northward by the better-trained and "civilized" Men of Angmar in preparation for a final war against the North-kingdom of Arthedain. After the defeat of the Witch-king's forces and the near-annihilation of the Angmarim, the Hillmen in the north gradually departed from the dark path laid down for them by the Witch-king and returned to their tribal ways.
"Now, the Hillmen have become nomads, wandering the frozen wastes and hills of Angmar, content to hunt the great herds of aurochs, unconcerned with the doings of the strange folk who dwell in stone cities. Yet the clans still recognize the need to maintain relations with each other, in order to avert bloodshed as one clan infringes on the territory of another. In order to facilitate peaceful relations between their clans, the nomads established a neutral colony, a great tent city they named Aughaire, the Meeting-place. Here, the clans trade in furs, meats and produce, medicines, and slaves. A clan judge also resides here, an elder who mediates peaceful resolutions to disputes between rival clans."
In Lotro, Aughaire figures prominently as the forces rising within the Witch-king's ancient stronghold of Carn Dûm once again try to dominate the spirits of the nomads, while the Dúnedain of the North seek to stem the evil tide from the North. — lorebook

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