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Settlement.png Archet
Region: Bree-land
Area: Archet Dale
Location: [25.0S, 48.8W]
Archet After.jpg


Archet is a settlement located within the area of Archet Dale in Bree-land. [25.0S, 48.8W]

The town of Archet is located north-east of Bree, just north of Combe, and is the starting location for new hobbits and man characters. At that time, during the introduction quests, Archet was a thriving and busy place. However, when the brigands began the Assault on Archet this was all scattered and burnt to ashes and many residents lost their lives. Now Jon Brackenbrook is in charge of its restoration while commanding its defence.


The following services can be found within the settlement of Archet:




Archet Fountain
Archet Marketplace
Archet Jailyard
Archet Gate
Archet Training Yard


Before the Assault on Archet

After the Assault on Archet


Before the Assault on Archet

After the Assault on Archet


Supplies & Services

NPC Function Coords
Before the Assault on Archet
HumanF.png Peg Pruner Provisioner [25.2S, 49.1W]
After the Assault on Archet
HumanM.png Constable Thistlewool Barter Exchange Trader [25.0S, 48.8W]
HumanM.png Harry Greencorn Provisioner [24.9S, 48.9W]
HumanF.png Kate Henseed Supplier [24.9S, 48.9W]
HumanM.png Mithril Trader Mithril Trader [25.4S, 48.8W]


NPC Function Coords
Before the Assault on Archet
HumanM.png Jasper Greensmith Light Armoursmith [24.8S, 48.8W]
HumanF.png Mildred Catchfly Medium Armoursmith [24.8S, 48.8W]
HobbitM.png Hodor Thornberry Weapon Trader [24.9S, 48.8W]
HumanM.png Aran Greyfeather Bowyer [24.9S, 48.8W]
After the Assault on Archet
HumanM.png Jasper Greensmith Light Armoursmith [24.8S, 48.8W]
HumanF.png Mildred Catchfly Medium Armoursmith [24.8S, 48.8W]
HobbitM.png Hodor Thornberry Weapon Trader [24.9S, 48.8W]
HumanF.png Holly Greyfeather Bowyer [24.9S, 48.8W]

Class Trainers

NPC Function Coords
Before and after the Assault on Archet
HobbitM.png Fastred Burrows Burglar Trainer [25.2S, 48.7W]
HumanM.png Edgar Standish Captain Trainer [25.3S, 48.7W]
HumanM.png Aldred Cartwright Champion Trainer [25.3S, 48.7W]
HumanF.png Teal Saddler Guardian Trainer [25.4S, 48.7W]
HumanM.png Darren Mills Hunter Trainer [25.3S, 48.7W]
HumanM.png Cuthbert Rook Lore-master Trainer [25.3S, 48.7W]
HobbitM.png Tolman Gardner Minstrel Trainer [25.3S, 48.7W]
HumanM.png Roscoe Standish Warden Trainer [25.2S, 48.7W]

Other NPCs

NPC Function Coords
Before the Assault on Archet
Ranger.png Amdir Quest [25.2S, 48.7W]
HumanM.png Captain Brackenbrook Quest [25.2S, 48.7W]
HobbitF.png Celandine Brandybuck Quest [25.2S, 48.7W]
HumanM.png Jailor Ned Pruner Quest [25.2S, 48.7W]
HumanF.png Kate Henseed Quest [24.9S, 48.9W]
HobbitM.png Mundo Sackville-Baggins Quest [25.2S, 48.7W]
HumanM.png Otto the Brigand Quest [25.2S, 48.7W]
Strider.png Strider Quest [25.2S, 48.7W]
HumanM.png Godwig the Lazy [25.2S, 49.1W]
HumanM.png Sergeant Redroot [25.3S, 49.0W]
Blacksmith.png Tom Oakleaf [25.2S, 49.1W]
HumanM.png Townsperson
After the Assault on Archet
Dwarf.png Atli Spider-bane Quest [25.2S, 48.7W]
HumanM.png Builder Earur Quest [25.1S, 48.8W]
HumanM.png Cal Sprigley Quest [25.2S, 48.7W]
HumanF.png Dawn Stockard Quest - Captain [25.3S, 48.7W]
HumanM.png Jon Brackenbrook Quest [25.1S, 48.9W]
HumanF.png Letty Foxtail Quest - Beorning [25.5S, 48.7W]
HumanM.png Builder Borin [25.1S, 48.8W]
HumanF.png Holly Sprigley [25.2S, 48.7W]
HumanF.png Peg Pruner [25.0S, 48.7W]
HumanM.png Guard "Free Peoples"
HumanM.png Guard
HumanM.png Mourner
HumanM.png Townsperson
HumanM.png Watcher


Archet is Old English meaning Forest's Edge and indeed that is the case. Archet is a small hamlet in Bree-land lying to the northeast of Bree-town, nestled at the edge of the Chetwood. The town and its outlying lands are inhabited by farmers and other rustic folk, who have little use for the bustle of big town life. A few hobbits dwell here, but the inhabitants are predominantly Big Folk.
Little is said of Archet in Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings" other than a brief description of its locations and an allusion to troubles with "robbers" in the region. This makes a perfect background for locating the Starter Area for new hobbit and man characters to this town:
The lack of any real authority and the peaceful nature of Archet's people have recently drawn the attentions of a band of brigands known as the Blackwolds, though rumour has it that the Blackwolds have much darker goals than terrifying common folk and farmers. To counter this threat, a retired sellsword by the name of Captain Brackenbrook has begun organizing the townsfolk into a makeshift garrison to repel the advances of the brigands.


Archet before the Assault Archet's Fountain prior to the Blackwold Assault Archet Markplace before the assault Archet Jailyard during better days Archet's training yard before the assault

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