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Angmar is a sickly region, barren and inhabited by fell creatures. Two factions of Hillmen dominate Western Angmar, the friendly Trév Gállorg and the hostile Trév Duvárdain. Both tribes have several outposts and fortresses, but the Trév Duvárdai are more numerous and powerful.

Most of central Angmar is made up of an exotic swamp, where the ground is yellow and the creatures are strange, including the massive turtles and fire drakes.

Northern and Eastern Angmar are terrible to behold. A large rift dominates the land, filled with massive spiders, deadly wargs, endless hordes of Orcs and in some places, Gaunt Lords, Lithul and Giants. Most of northern Angmar is dominated by the Orcish fortresses surrounding Carn Dûm itself, apart from the small Trév Gállorg outposts. Overall, it is an ugly, dangerous but quest filled land. It is also where some of the main quests in the Epic takes place and the home of Mordirith, the False King himself.


Angmar is known as the cold and evil lands, north of the Ettenmoors and far to the northeast of the North Downs. They are most known as the heartland for the Kingdom of Angmar, which was ruled by the Witch King from 1300 TA - 1975 TA, until it was destroyed.
Throughout the early Third Age, evil men including some Black Numenoreans, had inhabited the region and upon the Witch King's arrival to the north, they accepted him as overlord. As time continued, the Hillmen to the South submitted to Angmar and Rhudaur was annexed, causing Angmar to become a formidable foe against the remnants of Arnor.
In 1409 TA, Angmar struck a huge blow against Arthedain and Cardolan. Amon Sûl, the chief fortress in the Weather Hills, was captured and sacked, whilst Angmarim armies invaded and devastated Cardolan. Arthedain itself was driven back to the North Downs, where they held off Angmar with the help of Lindon.
Throughout the next 500 years, war was a constant thing between Arthedain and Angmar, and in 1974 TA, Angmar finally overcame Arthedain and captured Fornost. However, the Free Peoples of Eriador and a large expeditionary force led by Prince Eärnur of Gondor, assaulted the Witch King's army on the field and drove them back to Fornost, where they were utterly destroyed outside the walls. The Witch King fled to Angmar where he attempted to make a stand, but his Kingdom was destroyed to its very foundations and Angmar was no more.


The following are settlements found within the area of Angmar.




Notable Locations




Carn Dûm


  • Quests: mainly 47 - 48

Eastern Malenhad


  • Quests: mainly 43 - 45




Imlad Balchorth


  • Quests: mainly 47 - 48 - Fellowship

Nan Gurth

Ram Dúath


  • Creatures, mainly Level 50

The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu


Western Malenhad

Connected To


The following deeds can be obtained in this region:



The following titles can be earned in this region:


A categorical list of all quests within Angmar:

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One entrance from Nan Amlug East, North Downs into Angmar

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