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The noun Alt refers to a player's characters. It is commonly used in three ways:

1. To refer to any alternate character that the player has created, besides the one they are currently logged-in to play.

Example: "I'm up for anything you want to do. Do you want me to bring this guy, or one of my alts?"

2. As a synonym for Player Character.

Example: "I'd love to join the kinship's raid tonight. Which alt do you want me to log in as, the hunter, the minstrel, or the burglar?"

3. To indicate a lesser-played character, as opposed to their main, most-played character.

Example: "Sure, I can help out, but I'm on one of my low-level alts right now; do you need me to switch to my main?"

The verb to Alt means to log out of the character the player is currently playing, and log in as an alternate character.

Example: "I'm going to alt to my hunter to help you with that quest."
Example: "Alting to my champ, BRB."