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  • 40m Range
  • Induction: 1s
    Skill Type: Wind
  • Air continually swirls around your target ally, inflicting damage on any who strike it.

    Cannot be used on self.

    Damages attackers.
  • On any damage:
    5% chance to Negate 15% damage
    Reflect 15% of damage
  • Cost: ... Power Per Second
  • Toggle Skill
  • Cooldown: 5s

General Information

Class: Lore-master

Trait Tree: The Ancient Master Traits

Rank Needed: 25


The trait Improved Flanking causes the target of this skill to receive flank heals.
The trait Knowledge of the Past reduces the power cost of this skill by 3% and gives it a 20% chance to restore 50-55 power.
The trait set bonus for The Keeper of Animals (4) increases the chance to negate damage while under the influence of Air-lore to 100%.


Using this skill causes Charged Air to occur on a friendly target.

Tactical Information

Air-lore is a small buff that applies a chance to negate and reflect damage to your target. You can apply it to your pet while soloing or to a member of your fellowship who takes much damage if you're in a group. If you trait deep into The Keeper of Animals (4) trait line, the chance to negate damage will become 100%. However, even with a 100% chance, the amount of absorbed and reflected damage is so low that the skill almost always is not worth the power cost. The main reason to use it (if at all) is for the fun animation.

As with all skills and gear that negates a set amount of damage, the less damage your enemies individually deal, the more powerful the skill relatively gets. Imagine fighting twenty crows at once that deal ~50 common damage each hit individually. If traited, Air-lore now all of a sudden reduces almost 50% of your incoming damage! This way, Air-lore can be great for trivial content.

There is another use for this skill apart from the absorb and reflect, though: with the Improved Flanking trait equipped, heals from flank events will also apply to the target of Air-lore, in addition to to yourself. If you have this trait equipped, it is useful to use the skill whenever possible.

The maximum range of 40 meter makes the skill deactivate if the target upon which it is used moves out of this range, away from the Lore-master.