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Area.png Agarnaith
Region: Gorgoroth
Landmark(s): Lair of the Gloom-lord
Mokál Rukh
Bhol Rûdh
Viznak's Hideout
Faltor Gâm
Settlement(s): Agarnaith Ranger Camp
Levels: Mainly 114 - 115
Resource tier: T11 - Doomfold
Agarnaith map.jpg


  • A valley southeast of Barad-dur with a dense, pestilent, and bloody swampland.
Agarnaith is an area within Mordor
Once known as the broken vale, until pestilence crept in. Disease and death worked its way into every living thing until the very heart of the swamp ran red with blood. Agarnaith, now the Bloody Gore, the festering grounds and free-range laboratory of Lhaereth, the Lady of Blight. This region of Mordor is home to unique animals and wildlife not like anything men of the west would ever have been witness to. One thing is for certain, do NOT stop to smell the flowers here as it might be the very last thing you ever do.

Settlements and Landmarks of Agarnaith
Settlements: Agarnaith Ranger Camp
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